To buy or not to buy is the question that we each face with our sometimes limited resources. I think that first it comes down to what our resourses are and then how we can best secure our needs and wants out of life. The needs are things like food and clothing whereas the wants are things that we could live without but that we really would enjoy or like. If money is saved in the process of purchaseing an item that I need, I will have more left over to spend on wants. Somethings I know that I am going to use daily -personal hygene items, food, etc- are often necessary and quickly become expensive.

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I can find coupons for literally everything. Hair care items, skin care and dental health items – to name a few. If I have a coupon for shampoo and especially a brand that I like or enjoy then I will most certainly use it. Clothing too is a big area in which my family utilzes coupons. If I know that I need a knew winter coat and gloves I am certainly more likely to go to a store that is offering a discount than others that aren’t. I am also more likely to research online to discover how I can get the best deals.

Often if I get a coupon for shoes I will couple that with items that are out of season, thus buying my winter boots in the spring and my summer sandals in the fall. My family has never had a lot of money so we have had to budget the money that we do have. My mom has a budget for everything. We hardly ever use fast food coupons because we don’t have a budget for eating out but when it comes to food items our family of eight deffinately is influenced by the coupons that we find. If Rhodes rolls are on sale then we are sure to buy them and then we will make something like calazones, cinnamon rolls, or parmesan bread sticks. We even take advantage of the snack items that coupons come out for. When it is the time around the holidays coupons are very helpful in planning the meals and in being able to feed a large crowd of friends and family. Unfortunately I don’t think that coupons are offered on utilities but perhaps that is because there is a monopoly. Electricity, gas and garbage disposal are all nessecities especialy where we live in the mountains and with our harsh winter environment. We also need transportation items and sometimes a great coupon can be found for tires and other car care things. Pets are also sometimes considered members of the family. My family considers our pets to be an important part of our family; therefore the commercial products that they need are also considered to be nessecities.

I have a long list of things that I want. I want a car. I think that having your own transportation gives an added amount of freedom. The freedom to take road trips the freedom to go from place to place, to meet with friends and co-workers. I’ve been saving money for a car and if I could get a great deal and if I had a coupon; I’m sure that I would take advantage. I also want to travel. I have studied Japanese and Spanish in High School. The first place that I would like to visit is Japan. I would like to visit their anciet temples and shrines. I would like to view their tremendous arcitecture first hand and to be there in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. I would like to try all of their different kinds of food and I would like to hike their trails and to visit both their big cities and their rural areas. I would like to communicate with the people of japan using their own language. Japan has very cold areas and also very warm areas and I would like to experience them both. I also would like the chance to take a cruise down to South America and to utilize the spanish that I have studied. I would like to visit the small little villages where the people still take pride in the hand crafted items that they make. I would like to see the ancient ruins of the aztecs and would love to swim in the beautiful tropical sea. If there is a coupon that could help to fulfill these dreams then I would be among the first to sign up. I have learned that if I save money on the items that I need or want to buy, then I can save money to invest in my future. Therefore I beleive that coupons can really help my dreams to come true.