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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Cassidy B.

Coupons often effect my choice on whether or not to buy something or which product to choose. However often I do not use coupons. While coupons when used consistently can take of a large amount combined I find it difficult to find them. Many times sites require a lot of downloading and ads to be able to print coupons. As a mother of two kids, one being a baby and the other a toddler I don’t have time to go online and search for coupons. Nor do I want to risk downloading programs that I don’t know are safe.

When I do come across coupons, usually in store ads I use them. Often a coupon makes name brand products cheaper than generic. I tend to buy more nonfood items using coupons. For example, I’m able to stay frugal by shopping at Kohls and JcPenny using their coupons. I tend on nonfood items to search online before visiting their stores or web pages. More than anything I think it represents that coupons slow me down. As a mother often I need to get my shopping done before my baby needs to eat again. So searching for certain brands and product sizes can be difficult. I’m more likely as well to use coupons that don’t require me to print anything. Often if I have to print them I don’t use them. I am far more likely to use coupons that come in the mail or that I have on my iPhone.

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Another factor that goes into the choice whether or not to use a coupon is if I’m in store or online. If I buy items from Amazon or I will Google or use coupon sites to find discounts. For online purchases, because I have extra time to search for them I also search for the store that will be the cheapest. I take advantage of more coupons on than any other site or store. I also am more likely to buy and use coupons when the store or product has a rewards system. This is because I’m getting incentive to continue using a product or visiting a store. I often find myself using coupons that are at the store on products. These are fast and easy to use and find. I am also more likely to look at ads sent to me in the mail. They tend to catch my eye and remind me of purchases I need to make. If I receive it in my email, more often than not it will just get deleted.

My grandmother was a woman who loved a good deal. She clipped coupons all the time. She would always take advantage of sales so she would stock up on household and personal items. She had a system down and was a very frugal woman. While her advice and actions taught me the value of a good deal it also showed me how time consuming it was and sometime difficult finding coupons. Of course we live in a different time in which it’s much easier to find. But not always. Another disadvantage which leads me not to use coupons is when they require you to buy more than two items to get a discount. My grandmother may have had space for a bunch of items however I do not. Buying a lot of large items or even multiple items creates the problem of finding storage space in my small apartment.

Overall I both take advantage of coupons and don’t. If I’m shopping name brand I most certainly will seek out coupons for household items and clothes. I almost always take advantage of substantial discounts. I think I speak for many moms when I say, it’s hard to find time to search for coupons. And if I have to use my computer ink and paper, I will often ignore the coupons. Convenient and easily accessible is the key.

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