Coupon or not to coupon? To coupon in person or to coupon online? This my dear friend is the true question. I am going to be honest and say that I am indeed a part time couponing person. I am however, not that type of person to go to the store and buy six Sunday newspaper for a family of three. Nor do I print coupons that I know that I will never use or do not plan on using within a week or even two. Let me be honest. If I printed out every coupon online they would sit there go to waste and I would have wasted my ink for no good reason. Same goes for clipping. Do you know how tired my poor hand would be? However, I do know that certain deals and coupons do happen. I know that I can easily get granola bars off of Amazon that is a six pack for .10 cents each plus a three dollar coupon off. Not only that I am fully aware that I can easily get some food for free or even a product because of Publix deals or even Walmart with the whole comparing to other stores with your receipt. So when I am asked this question I simply reply I am in between. I see a deal online with a coupon I tend to snag it more than in person since in person I have this fifty percent chance of that product being at the store or not. Now and days many people are getting into couponing and when you try to go to that store for that deal they sometimes are out of stock for that product that is free or very cheap. There is some stores like Publix that do offer you a rain check for when they get that product back in, but sometimes this can be a hassle and I do not see the whole point in annoying an employee because I can get this deal for nearly free or just plain cheap. I know deals repeat every two to three weeks. Not only that now and days online is beating deals in person when it comes to buying items in bulk. I in all honesty rather buy something in bulk knowing my family enjoys it instead of just buying such an item that my family may or may not like. I view it as a hassle unless it really helps me out. Not only that I find it utterly unnecessary to have ten plus body soap, twenty plus pasta, twenty plus cans, and so on and so forth. That is a lot of product and I would have to have a party giveaway for such products. When I use to coupon full-time I always had a lot of product and never knew what to do with it. Yes, it may help you out in the end though for my family of three it is truly unnecessary for me. I like couponing when it comes to ordering pizza for delivery or buying online. I will do a lot of research just to get an extra cent off or get hundred and one free prints and just pay shipping. I like couponing when it helps my family out though I will not go the extra length to stack or be extreme. Not only that what happens if there was not a coupon for a product that my family really needed? Would I simply turn away from that product because I could not get the extra cent off? My answer to this is no. I would buy the product its full price because my family needed it. I know some people only buy things with coupons and that to me is pure crazy. So to the reader it may seem like coupons do not influence my choice in person, but it does in fact influence my choice online shopping for couponing.

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