I would say that coupons influence my shopping decisions because of how much of a difference the price can be with the use of coupons. For example, when I use a coupon such as “$20 off”, it really helps me out because I get the chance to save $20 and use that for something else making the most out of the value of the coupon and using it to my advantage. I also remember back when I was in elementary school when the school was doing this thing called “coupons for education.” How it worked was you had to sell books and if you managed to sell just one book, you would be given a prize of a DVD player and if you could sell five, you would win a Pepsi Power up coupon which could be exchanged in the cafeteria for a free soda. I also remember the grand prize the school offered to the student who could sell the most books, a brand new bicycle!

Coupons definitely influence my shopping decisions because life would be so much different without them. It’s certainly true that I have saved some money in the past with them like that one time I went to Cici’s pizza buffet on my birthday and the manager was being generous and gave me a coupon for a free buffet the next time I come again. Without coupons, there’s no telling how much more money I would have had to spend in the past on things. I can also tell that coupons lay a good impact on other people’s live as well because I especially remember the time my uncle bought his sister a new Nintendo Wii that included a motion plus accessory, two Wii remotes and nunchucks, and a copy of Super Mario Galaxy and he managed to get it all for only $99 because he had a $100 off coupon. All in all, coupons certainly help influence my shopping decisions really nicely.

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I’m definitely one to believe in the value of saving money and that can definitely be done with the use of good saving coupons. People who really want to save money should consider using them whenever they get the chance because the value of saving money is better than people might think because for example, if someone chooses to randomly purchase an inexpensive item, they might like doing it and tend to continue buying more of them or some other inexpensive items and the money that that person’s spending on those things adds up fast. It can even lead to the person getting addicted to shopping and he/she will continue to not only purchase inexpensive items rapidly but will start to purchase the expensive items as well causing them to lose money quickly. But if the person had any coupons, they would have saved at least a little money and that can go a long way. It’s true that when people purchase items that are wants instead of needs one after another, they tend to have less money in the long run and having a little bit of extra money can really help out in the end by having less stress financial wise.

Coupons can help influence my shopping decisions because I like to save every penny possible. The phrase, “every penny counts”, is definitely true because it’s always better to have a little bit of extra money rather than no extra cash at all whatsoever. You never know when the extra bit of cash can come in handy one day in the future because there are a lot of possibilities, you could have an extra surprise bill added to your monthly expenses to cover, there could be something new that recently came out and you really need it for something in your life and in those situations or any other ones like them, having saved enough money to the point where you have a little bit of extra cash in your pocket can definitely help out to bring about less stress to your life and that’s the main reason why using coupons can be a very good idea, because they help you save money which could come in handy for something else sometime in the future.