Coupons are an everyday hobbie. You get them in the mail with the paper, you receive them while shopping at the mall, you even see them advertising through apps on your iPhone. You cut them out, put them nicely away in an envelop, and wait to the big day of grocery shopping. Most people ignore coupons and find it to be a hassle, but you’d be amazed on how much you can really save. With being a student at the Kansas City Art Institute, I seek for coupons. I don’t want to purchase anything without a coupon. It’s a struggle being a college student, especially a fine arts major. When I can get my hands on anyway of saving money, I do it. There’s even coupons to save when ordering pizza!

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It’s very exciting to find out about offers for your favorite clothing stores too. Just by signing up, you can build up points and earn coupons, sometimes you can save up to as much as one hundred dollars! Now that’s a bargain. I think that more people are beginning to feel the urge to sign up for deals and coupons once they have heard from someone else how much they’ve been saving. I believe the main reason for not wanting to sign up for these kind of things, is because people basically don’t want to deal with all the junk mail and alerts. Also when people are in a hurry, they tend to get irritated with how long it might take to sign up for coupon deals.

It seems to be that the world is completely going mobile. Everything is switching to an online source, rather than printing as many magazines and newspapers. I don’t believe it will all switch over to be just through technology, but so much advertisement and news has become larger through this source. The majority of people using technology and mobile devices has grown to be an average of 80% worldwide. The amount of ads and coupons that pop up on cell phones is outrageous. I see more coupons and ways to save on my smartphone than I see in the papers. Today it’s so simple to use coupons when going into stores. Say you had forgotten your physical paper coupons at home, well now you can just look them up on your cell phone and show the clerk the code. It’s very convenient when you’re in a hurry. It makes shopping a lot more relaxed. Sometimes it becomes a pain when you have all these loose coupons floating around in your purse.

The best places to save is at a grocery store. You can find coupons in every shopper and every paper. Whether or not you really need the product, it’s nice to purchase it anyways. You might not need it now, but since it’s on sale, you might as well. That’s also a way that businesses can make more money. Also while shopping, you can find coupons while walking down the different aisles. Back a few years ago, I worked at the local Hy-Vee in my home town. I would check people out once they were finished up with their grocery shopping, then ask if they had any coupons. I remember people would save up to fifty dollars at a time or more just because they searched throughout every paper they had gotten in the mail. That begins to add up greatly.

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Further more, coupons are the best way of saving money. It’s very easy to get your hands on them. Ways of accessing them is growing rapidly throughout technology and through mobile devices. I think the more coupons transfer to becoming mobile, the more people worldwide will want to use them. It’s a fast and more accessible way of shopping and purchasing daily items. With the rapid growth of people switching over to smartphones, I think the usage of coupons on mobile devices will make the percentage of using coupons go up greatly.