When I think coupons, I think saving money, and saving money has always been important to my family and me. I grew up in a family of 7 people so my parents were always thinking about how to manage their money efficiently.  That’s why coupons have always been a big part of the way we shop. With coupons, we are able to shop for less.  The main thing that we always used coupons for was grocery shopping. Feeding a family of 7 people can become really expensive really fast. My siblings and I liked different foods, so it was hard to find a couple of things that all of us would agree on. This became a quick problem because my parents couldn’t afford to buy all the different types of food that my siblings and I wanted. That’s when they turned to coupons.

Coupons are a magical way of getting something you want for less than its worth. That’s why so many people appreciate them. For example, coupons can sometimes take up to 100% off items that people want, which is like getting that item for free and for my family and I, this was a big help financially. With the use of coupons, my family is able to get more items of food without having to pay the full price and with this drop in price, we are able to make everyone in the family happy by purchasing something that each person likes. Not only can my family get things that they want with coupons, but we can also save a lot of money. By saving money with coupons, we are able to do more things that we enjoy.

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On average, my family’s grocery bill every two weeks added up to almost $350. That’s a lot of money to shell out twice a month and that type of grocery bill didn’t leave a lot of money to use on other wanted or needed items. For example, I’m in track and my parents had to spend a lot on my track lessons and track gear, and my sister loved to play music so my parents had to pay for her band equipment. My other siblings also had their own activities that needed to be paid for and with all of these activity bills and grocery costs, there was little money to spend on clothing, shoes, and other wants and needs that we all could use. But when we started using coupons, we began to save a big amount of money that we were then able to put towards those wants and needs.

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After some other family members and family friends saw how much we began to save, they began to start couponing to. Then before we knew it, our entire family was couponing and saving money each just like us, and we weren’t the only ones. There are millions of people all over the world that use coupons to help them save money. One of my favorite example of this would be the show on TV called “Extreme Couponing”. This TV show consists of normal people just like my family, which have used couponing to completely change their financial status and their lives. Some of these people on the show have racked a grocery bill up to $800, and with the use of coupons, the end up paying 1 penny!

In the end, coupons are a great way to help family’s get the things that they need without having to pay an arm and a leg every time they shop. My family no longer has to settle for less because with coupons we are able to get everything we need and want. Our grocery bill may not be as low as 1 penny, but we are still saving a lot more money that we can put towards other things that every member in the family needs, which has changed my family’s life forever.