When I am making purchases coupons occasionally do affect whether or not I am going to purchase an item. For example if I have in one way or another received a coupon, it makes me more inclined to buy the product, but only if it’s a product that I actually need or want and a product that I am almost certain that I will like. For instance if I received a coupon for buy one get one free on something that I would normally buy for instance t-shirts and the coupon was from one of my favorite stores, versus a store that I don’t normally shop in, I would most likely use the coupon to make a purchase. Whereas if I were to receive a coupon for something that I don’t like or that I don’t need such as picture frames, I would be less inclined to use the coupon, unless for some random reason I was in dire need of picture frames at the time.  One last thing about coupons that affects the chances of me buying the product is whether or not it’s actually a good deal. For example if a coupon is advertising buy one get one free or even buy one get one half off I am more likely to buy the product. If the coupon will only save me a few dollars in the long run whether or not I buy the product depends on if I need or want it at the moment. So overall coupons do have the ability to affect what I do but they do not necessarily guarantee that I will buy a certain product. I tend to buy product with coupons when I like the product, the place where the product comes from, and if it’s a product that I am in need of, or if the coupon is too good of a deal that I can’t resist.

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