Coupons: One of the most awesome forms of currency for consumers and stores alike. With that being said, coupons absolutely have an influence on my purchases. Whether you are a mother, a college student, a billionaire, or anyone else who would love to keep their wallet full, everyone loves to save their hard-earned money. Coupons and the discounts they bring make saving money, giving more, and efficiency that much easier!

Coupons are a great way to “have your cake and eat it too”.  Two-for-one deals are a great way to include that favorite family member, best friend, or special someone when going out to eat making other purchases. Sharing creates a sense of closeness. How else could you feed a family of five with only five bucks? Let’s not forget the coupons for freebies. What could one want for free, their money back? Being frugal does not mean that a shopper or their loved ones must go without. Allowing coupons and discounts to influence purchases is a great way to shop smarter.

Ever have to make hard decisions during the holidays? Whether it was in between my father’s favorite brand of golf clubs, or that new pair of shoes that my mother had always wanted, coupons helped! A twenty-five percent off coupon became my superhero when it made both purchases possible. Cheap dates can sometimes become stale without the assistance. Then, you come across a coupon for twenty percent off of tickets to your loved one’s favorite band or classy Broadway show. They will feel like royalty without paying the same price.

Coupons are a great way to live a champagne diet off of a beer budget! You can look dashing in your new name-brand clothes, all while knowing that there is still some weight in your wallet. Discounted classes can teach you skills and activities that you’ll hold onto for life. Friends and Family will be jealous when they find out you learned how to do Zumba for only twenty dollars. Avoid paying the price for shipping a product to your door, and get it for free-99! You deserve it!

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Sometimes, I won’t buy a product if I don’t have a coupon for it. If I am undecided in between a few brands of the same kind of product, I am going to purchase the one that I have a coupon for. Many people who coupon shop tend to be less brand-focused and more open to trying new products. In fact, I was reading an article recently that mentioned how much money coupons save shoppers. Avid coupon shoppers save anywhere in between one thousand and two thousand dollars a year by using discounts and coupons. That is an astonishing amount of savings! For many people, that is about a month’s worth of work.

On the business side of the spectrum, coupons are often good for the economy. They bring in customers to shop and save. This can be especially helpful for brand-new business owners. Coupons will draw people in, and your other great deals and products will encourage them to stay, much like nicely-welcomed guests. Coupons can break routine shoppers’ habits in order to sway them to try a new store, new product, or new brand. Companies set aside savings that could have easily been turned into a profit. However, they decided to give back their customers.

There is no valid reason for shoppers to not use coupons. They help you save more, and therefore give more. With no shortage of people in need, it helps society just by spending extra time looking for coupons, and same amount of money, to get more. They allow you to help support businesses, especially local vendors. In addition to giving you more bang for your buck, they even allow you to get items for free! It is like a birthday gift to yourself just for shopping. These are the reasons why coupons influence my purchasing decisions, and why they should influence yours too.