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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Caeli K.

3 for $10, Free…No Purchase Necessary, 30% Off the Entire Purchase:
I Choose All of the Above

One of the most exciting words to hear while shopping is “free” and it most generally appears in such a phrase as, “Buy on, get one free” or “Free with purchase of…” These phrases, among many more, influence my decisions every time that I go to the mall, shop around online or walk passed the stores downtown. Though these phrases have a tendency to entice me into shopping, the power of the coupon holds much more value for me as a shopper. Knowing that I have a coupon, tucked away in my wallet like a secret weapon, allows me to feel a sense of power as a shopper in that this store is willing to offer me a deal in order to receive my business. Coupons have further influence on my choices as a customer in that I am more inclined to purchase more from the store because I am receiving the most for my money as well as the fact that they produce a sense of excitement in seeing how far my coupon or coupons will take me in hunting for the best deals. Thus, those tiny pieces of cardstock or newsprint, branded with bold letters detailing my latest offer have a definite and meaningful impact on my choices as a shopper.

After receiving a flurry of coupons by snail mail or exploding in my inbox, from my favorite and most frequented stores, there is a sense of privilege that follows. This feeling is not in the sense that I am the only person permitted to capitalize on this deal, but that I am of importance to the store for they choose to offer this deal or discount because they want my business and are directly encouraging me to provide it. I choose to view my receipt of these coupons as a reward from the store for my role as a customer, in that I am giving business to these stores and thus, the fifty percent off or free umbrella is what they offer in return for my current and continued business. Therefore, as a shopper I am more inclined to keep purchasing from the store that offers me such things for I will continue to shop regardless of whether a deal exists, but I will choose to shop at the place that sends me coupons because I feel that I am valued more as a customer there. Coupons, thus, have an influence on how I feel as a customer as well as my decisions in what stores I will do my shopping in.

Moreover, coupons influence my choices in shopping in that I will decide differently in regards to how many items I may purchase and whether I will purchase luxury items in addition to items of necessity, if I feel I am receiving the best deal. Coupons produce a natural sense of worth in my dollar in that I can manipulate how much I choose to spend on an item based on how much the store if willing to offer. Thus, from this I feel that I am able to spend more if the store offers less than what I had expected so that I have more money left over to indulge myself in other items that I might not have expected to purchase at the time. I will also choose to only use coupons in my shopping while stores continue to offer them. I take pride in finding the best deal and choose not to pay full price for an item that I really want because of the deals continuously offered in coupons, so I am more likely to shift my shopping tastes towards items that catch my eye that are also part of a coupon offer. Coupons also have a tendency to encourage my enthusiasm as a shopper in buying many things that are followed by excellent deals. For example, a pair of exceptional jeans that are offered at full price may be purchased once if it was recently pay day, but another pair of equally perfect jeans for seventy-five percent off may be bought in multitudes or three or four because I had a coupon that awarded me this deal. Thus, coupons have an immense effect of what I choose to buy as well as how many things I will leave the store with.

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Coupons have had an effect on my shopping for as long as I can remember. I had much more credibility with my parents if I could add the Barbie Dream House I desperately needed was also currently on sale at Target. Coupons influence how I feel as a shopper in regards to the stores I choose to enter and continue to purchase and they also impact my decisions in what I choose to buy, how I view picking out these items and how many of these things will I be loading into my trunk, which are all based on the value of my dollar as determined by a coupon. Coupons are constantly swaying and determining my choices as they hold great worth in determining my standing as a shopper, which will directly correlate to my position and contributions as a member of the economy.

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