Saving money is great, but how much are you really saving with coupons?  I have grown up using coupons, but there are a lot of aspects that decide my decision on buying the product.  My mom has used coupons for as long as I can remember.  She only bought the brands we wanted if there was a coupon, but if there wasn’t she bought the cheap off brand.  She became very skilled at finding very good deals with coupons.  My mom taught me how to use coupons correctly and this has impacted my purchasing decisions very much.

Some coupons are really great deals and others are just trying to get you to buy more of the product than what you would normally buy.  When I look at coupons, I take the extra time to read over them.  I look for the quantity and size of the product I must buy to save that extra dollar.  I will look for and use coupons for my essentials or the ingredients for cooking.  When the coupon say to buy two or more of one product, I make sure I will use it all.  I don’t want to waste money.  Those coupons are to get you to buy and spend more. Living by myself, I usually got for the coupons used for a quantity of one.  I’m on my own, so purchasing one item with a coupon saves me money, but I don’t always use those coupons.  I will buy a product I want if I have a coupon on it or I use that brand.  If there is no coupon a particular brand I like, I will buy the next best one.  The best coupons and my favorite ones are the ones that let me buy a product for a dollar or less, buy one get one free, or simply getting a product free.  Those are my favorite.  I stock up on that product for the future and I don’t have to buy it for quite a while.  This means I am saving money whether the prices increase or decrease.  I have what I would normally use and I still got the product cheaper than the original price.

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I enjoy using coupons because it gives me a sense of power over how much money I can spend, instead of the company dictating the price.  With every coupon I use I save more and more money and I have a sense of security because I know I don’t have to worry if I have enough money all the time.  The worry comes when I am at the register and hoping all my coupons work and they typically do but some do not.   Those coupons that don’t work are because I miss read the qualifications for that coupon or I have used too many.  Well that is okay because the stores will help get the right on before you complete your purchase or you can save them for next time. I usually go back and get the right one.  There are coupons that will not take and that leads to a dreadful argument between me and the cashier but I am usually right because I meet the qualifications set by the coupon.  By the time I am done shopping and out the store, I leave with a feeling of accomplishment.

Since I am an independent college student, who lives in the dorms on campus, every bite of money I can save is good.  I prefer putting all the money I save from shopping into my savings because that way I know I have money for food next time I go grocery shopping or it goes toward supplies I need for school.  Spending that extra hour in the store is worth wild because of the many that can be saved by using coupons and that money can be put towards a better use for the future.