As I grow older and as each second passes, I am struggling more and more to come up with the funds necessary to continue my education and eventually move out – and it’s only just the beginning.  Adjusting to college life and having to pay for anything that I want on top of everything that I need, I am realizing that the little things quickly add up.  In the past, I have tried looking online for coupons if I suddenly had the urge to buy some lotion or bake a cake.  Now, the problem I always seem to run into is every single site demands I give them my email address (which just spams me nonstop), and then another page pops up with another link to follow and I eventually forget what I was even looking for.  Okay, I might have exaggerated a bit there, but I’m sure it helps gets my point across that finding coupons online is difficult!

I personally think coupons are a great way to help save money.  What I don’t like is when some of them make the consumer buy multiple items to save a dollar.  Those ones I avoid, unless I am buying feminine products because I need them and a dollar saved is a dollar earned.  I notice that when many people tend to save money on something, they spend it elsewhere on something they don’t need (*cough cough* mom).  If I am saving money by using coupons, I think of that as just getting a really good deal on the product(s) I needed, and only get what I came for.  I definitely think that coupons influence whether or not I will purchase an item.  If a lotion or face wash I want is a bit pricey, I will not buy it.  Now, if I later find a coupon for it, then I will go back to the store and purchase it.  I prefer to have coupons with me when I go to the store so that I don’t get emotionally attached to the new lotion and have to leave it there for someone else to pick up.  It helps save the heartbreak.

My main couponing comes from food or toiletries.  If I go through my mom’s coupons and I see one for food that I like or want to try or for some razors, then I will take them and use them when I purchase the item(s).  Other than that, I try not to buy much without a coupon for it.

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Sometimes when I am checking my mom’s email, I find coupons for Dunham’s or DSW and I check to see if they are really worth it.  Sometimes they are, and sometimes they aren’t.  I also have to think if I really need the item, and I usually decide against it.  But there are some rare times when I act based on the deal.  Among some of the emails my mom receives is the daily Victoria’s Secret email, and through it I have found the Secret Rewards.  Although it is not a coupon, it is a way to save money.  In case anyone is unaware of what it is, you spend a minimum of $10 at Victoria’s Secret and receive a Secret Rewards gift card that can be used at a specific date printed on the card.  The card contains $10, $50, $100, or $500, and the amount is unknown until you go to checkout and use it.  I really like these because last year I had two, and the first was only $10, but the second one was for $50 and it was really exciting.  I spent $10 and I made $40.  My reasoning for getting them is that I pay $10 for a pair of underwear and basically get one free, and maybe even a little more.  I think it is a really great deal.

Coupons are a great invention, if you ask me.  Being able to access them more easily and having them more readily available would be very helpful for me as a broke college student and other people alike.  They help me save money, or really just make things more affordable so I can buy a new razor or get some more lotion.  Praise coupons!