Being given the option to spend less on something is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Even if you didn’t originally plan to buy it, and living life as a student can be pretty hard. It would also depend on what the coupon is for. Healthy food, snacks, detergent, or even something like batteries. You also have to think about if you have enough money to pay for everything you need. When I find coupons for something I want, I usually use it. If the expiration date isn’t close then I’ll keep it and wait for it to become useful to me. Or I would give them to people who need them.

I don’t think there is a good reason to waste a coupon. Even if you don’t need it, you could save them for someone. Or perhaps save them and use them to buy food for the poor, but to throw them away or just forget about them seems like a large waste. There are single mothers in our country who struggle to make it through the day, to feed their children, to make sure their bills are paid. Most people choose to ignore them and speak horribly about them, even when they’re trying their best. When they use the coupons there are people who speak horribly of them, people who say they are leaching off of the government. Not only is that not completely true but it’s poisoning the minds of others, especially the young adults. Instead of trying to help them, they just look away and believe that they are the problem. If people would stop believing that, I’m sure they would pay more attention to the people struggling to make a living for themselves.

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I’m not a single mother and I don’t really struggle much, but I do think about them. I consider what they’re going through and I try to do something better than just spending it on myself. There are people who believe that coupons and food stamps give people a reason to abuse the system. So why not use them for good before the people with political power take them away? If you can use coupons for something good, then even if it’s not for yourself wouldn’t you want to be the “hero” in someone else’s life? To make them feel like maybe this world isn’t so bad after all? There are some groups who do something like this, they buy food and give it to the poor. So why can’t we do that with each other? What’s stopping us from being neighborly with each other?

So, does having coupons influence my purchasing decisions? I think so. Even though I might not have purchased it for me, I’ll still but it. Just to help others who can’t help themselves. To help the people who don’t have homes, those who could use the extra help, or even those with a place to stay. Just because you have a home doesn’t necessarily mean that life is easier. I like to think others believe the same thing, that they would rather put a good coupon to good use than have it go to waste. It feels nice to be someone’s superhero, and I know they appreciate it.

With that in mind, would you use the coupons for good? Would you help the ones who can’t help themselves if you could, or would you just let them go to waste? I like to think you would choose to help the needy. Or even a friend of yours, anyone really. You could even use the coupons on yourself, using coupons is a great way to save money and saving money is a wonderful thing. There’s a handful of benefits that come with saving money. So not using coupons seems like a waste. Spending less is wonderful, isn’t it?

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