If you are reading this, you probably are very good at using coupons to save you your hard earned money. I, like you, also enjoy saving money. From buying things on sale, to applying for scholarships, and even to using coupons to save a little (or a lot) of money on things I want and need to buy. Coupons and sales do influence my purchasing decisions. I don’t buy very many things, but I buy things at full price a lot less often. I do not buy things just because there is a coupon for that item, but if it is something I need, then the coupon will definitely be worth the time to find, and use. For example, I went out to lunch with one of my friends yesterday, and had coupons for two free meals at Rumbi Island Grill. I would not have gone to lunch at Rumbi without having those free meals. The coupons definitely influenced the place I took my friend out to eat, and the fact that I went out to eat at all. Other activities¬† I do, I will usually check in a coupon book my family gets from a school fundraiser. If there is a good deal for something that seems fun in it, then I would gladly use the coupon. The coupons need to be relevant and have solid deals for me to use them. Those are two things that will make the most influence on if I use them or not.

The coupons also need to be something that would save me money. I know this may sound like an obvious statement, but that isn’t that the main goal of a coupon? It needs to be for an item that I would probably buy without the coupon, but the coupon will still get me a deal. It seems that some coupons are made to draw in people with the idea of a great deal on something unneeded by them, so that they will spend money on the product. I believe this is the wrong way to use coupons. If someone uses coupons, they should be used in such a way to save someone money, not give them an item they don’t need, for half price. It would seem that coupons can be used both to save money, or can cost us more money, depending on in what way they are used.

Coupons are very similar to things being on sale, they just require a little more work in gathering them up, cutting them out of a magazine, or finding them online, instead of just going through the store and happening upon a deal by chance. They are for the people who are willing to work hard to save money by navigating through the irrelevant coupons and deals to find things that will really save them money in the long run on things they need, or things they have taken the time research and decide they want to improve the quality of their life. If someone has taken the time research and item fully enough to know they want, but don’t quite have the money to spend on it, then they will be patient and search for coupons that will bring the cost of the item down. I think coupons are worth the effort if you have taken the time out and exercised enough patience to find a coupon that is relevant to your wants and needs. They can be a very valuable asset to keep expenses down and save some money.

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Coupons allow people to buy items they normally wouldn’t be able to afford. They give people a chance to try new things they would like to try, but at a lower cost. They open up options for people how are careful with their spending to get products at a lower price that are still high quality. Because of this, they do influence my purchasing decisions.