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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Briah C.


Growing up in a single parent household with five siblings, money that was earned was often stretched very thin and spread over many different things. Whenever the time came to buy food or something else that someone needed, my mom would search for a coupon that could help my family out, and most of the time she got one. Sometimes when we couldn’t find a coupon for an item however, we would wait and see if we could find one, and if we couldn’t if it wasn’t dearly needed we would go without it for a while.

A couple years ago my mom really got into couponing and we started to have things in excess that we normally didn’t have before. Instead of having to get as little toothpaste on my toothbrush as possible and still get the job done, I could get a comfortable amount and not have to worry as much because my mom was able to find a coupon that could give us two or three tubes of toothpaste for the price of one. Or I didn’t have to go to a friend’s house after school and eat before going home to save my siblings some more food because my mom was able to buy more food products because of some coupons she found that helped save her money on one food product, and enabled her to afford another.

Even though half of my sibling moved out of my mom’s house before I did, my household still used coupons when going shopping because we were able to save money to use elsewhere or to buy things that we had been wanting for a while. When I was the oldest child I helped my mom with the shopping and as a result she taught me what she knew about couponing, and that is something that I have used while living on my own and going to college full time.

Because I was taught how to effectively use coupons, I have been able to save some money to help pay for college and have made the most out of my shopping experiences. Mind you, I do not just go out and buy an item because I found a coupon giving me 15% off and it being something I do not need, but rather when it is time for me to hit the stores I look on coupon sites I am signed up for and coupons that may have been mailed to me and check to see if there are any coupons for the items I am going to the store for. If there are then great! But if not I will still most likely get the item I had in mind if I need it. Most of the time I do not base my decisions to buy something on whether or not I have a coupon because I usually just buy the things I need, but when I can find a coupon for an item I want I feel a lot better about the purchase and am grateful for saving money. If I have been wanting an item for a while but have not wanted to buy it full price and find a coupon for that item, I might go and get it because of that.

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Furthermore, if there is a coupon or a site for coupons that I think will help someone I know, I give it to them or send them an email with them in it. Coupons have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and have greatly helped me throughout my life. I’m sure if it were possible to add up all the money saved by using coupons and use it to pay for college my tuition would be paid for, but without doing that I know it is a huge amount and I am very grateful to all the different sites and stores that give out coupons, including I’m in. Coupons have been and will be used in my shopping, and sometimes they do influence what I buy.

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