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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Brenton R.

Do coupons influence the consumers purchasing decisions?  This is a good question. The average American consumer is almost always on the lookout for a deal or bargain. According to a survey taken in 2013, 72% of consumers reported using a coupon. Total value of coupons distributed was 5.5 billion dollars proving this has a good net worth. When coupon stores such as I’m in offer deals to stores from Godfathers pizza to GUESS, this will pique an interest of any type.   A few reasons why the average American consumer is interested in coupons are as followed; they save money, people go in knowing what they want, and the consumer can donate coupons to others. All in all coupons are very useful to everyone and should make use of them in some way or another.

Every person from poor, to middle, and even some upper class want to save money. It is a person’s natural instinct to want to buy the new-fangled fancy item while at the same time paying less. This is where coupons come into play. They offer discounts and deals, where previously none existed. It is true that most coupons offer discounts to the necessities of life such as food and other objects, yet while saving money with coupons a consumer can spend all the excess money on comfort items.  This in itself is a win-win situation; buying multiple items for the price of one, who would not accept that? Overall, coupons save money and allow the consumer to focus on buying materials that are important to them.

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Since the topic of saving money has been thoroughly covered, the next subject is saving time.  A common saying is “time is money”, which is very true. Instead of spending all day in a store meandering around not knowing what to buy, coupons pinpoint exactly what the consumer needs. With time saved, people will start shopping quicker and spend less money to get needed objects, which is a comforting idea. With the extra time the consumer can do what they want and have free time. Not only does it save time, it makes the consumer more organized. Finding the coupons then putting them into one place is the first step. Secondly, the consumer must use the coupon before expiration date, this all leads to organization and time saving. As stated before, coupons save time in that they help the customer find the free or reduced price objects giving them more time.

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The last topic will cover coupon donations.  Now this sounds odd, to donate coupons, but in fact there are plenty of people who will take the coupons. Expired coupons are also very useful. If there is an expired coupon, donate it to a military family overseas. They are allowed to use coupons up to six months after they have hit the expiration date. Not only do military families have need of coupons, they can be donated to charities. These charities use the donated coupons and buy items to give to women’s, shelters, the homeless, animal shelters, and more. Sometimes coupon manufacturers make a ton of coupons that are similar to others. In this case along with donating them to the other two groups, gift baskets of coupons are always a pleasant way to cheer someone up, greet someone, or to give as gifts. To some things up, coupons are good for giving to others that need it more.

Coupons are an extremely handy tool that all people should utilize.  They save money, allowing the consumer to save that money, or spend it on something else.  Time is another valuable object that is saved.  Coupons help the customer go in knowing what they want, thus saving time and making them more organized.  Not only can coupons be used, donations are always welcome among people. Whether the donations are to the military, the needy, or even to a friend, it is always thoughtful. Coupons are very useful and people should use them more often.

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