Even though coupons are good to have and use because they save you money in purchases, they do influence purchasing decisions. However, the influence can be good or bad. One reason for such an influence being bad could be because some of us see that there is a sale or a discount on a certain item(s) and decide to get it. We may not even pertain a thought to whether we even need it or not. All that we may think of is how we can get the item and save money by the use of that coupon, whether we need the item or not. Impulse buying is something that coupons could lead to. Someone may not need a box of a certain ointment or medicine. But because they have a coupon that says,” 50% off” on that specific item, they go to the store that sells it and get it. Not everyone does this. However, coupons still influence the purchase decisions of the people who do not impulse buy. One reason for such an influence being good/ beneficial could be because we may usually get a certain brand of an item every time we need it when we go to the grocery store. However, when we see coupon for a good discount on that same particular item, but under a different brand name, we switch to the brand named item that the coupon can be used for. Doing this has more upsides than downsides because it is not impulse buying if we know we will use it and we will still save money on that item with the use of the coupon.  An example of this may be where a person used to get a certain brand of meat. But when they come across a coupon that indicates a discount on the same kind of meat that comes from a different brand name, they may go for the brand that the coupon is eligible for. Another reason why the influence of a coupon could be good. Coupons help save us money. We can still purchase the items we need or want with money to spare if we use coupons. That money can be used for other important purchases or payments. An example of this reasoning is where the use of a coupon to save money on a specific item that we need or want and will use, the money could be used on whatever else it may be needed for, whether it is to pay bills, get another item that you require or desire, or get gas for your car. Another reason as to why the coupon influence could be bad is linked to the first reason. Those who purchase with the use of a coupon just to use it and purchase an item they will not even use, want or need could lead to hoarding. Hoarding is the consumption of a large mass of items to harmful masses or extents. People indeed have this habit. The repeated use of coupons to purchase items that people will not use is an aspect of hoarding. An example of this reason may be where someone does not need the majority of the items they purchase using coupons they cut out in the weekly newspaper or magazine. They may not want those coupons to go to waste and like purchasing things. This person goes to the store and purchases multiple useless items just to feed their desire to spend money. The coupons are, in this case, a tool to help feed that addiction. One of the traits of a hoarder is that they will not throw away anything they do not need. All these items will just sit in a space in their home. Through time, the free space becomes smaller and smaller due to the consumption of all these items. In almost all cases, this is not only pointless and a waste of time and money, but also life threatening. People have been killed due to this addiction.  This is one of the most serious of explanations as to why a coupon influence can be bad. However, the influence can be good or bad. It all depends on the motivation of the usage of said coupon(s).

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