My mom tells these stories about when I was little and how I would brings toys to the shopping cart and ask her if we had a coupon or not. She would of course say no because there aren’t many coupons for toys and I would cheerfully say okay and put it right back. I grew up in a family of three girls, so that meant three girls who always wanted to have the best games, who always wanted the newest toys, and of course who wanted to have the cutest clothes. Neither of my parents attended college, so I watched them work hard for what we had. My dad at some points of my childhood was working three jobs to provide for us. So my mom did her part by couponing.  Every penny matters she would say.

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Ever since I can remember my mom had me helping her cut out coupons and put them into an envelope binder. We would then go to the store and only buy what we had coupons for, and then start the, what seemed like forever, checkout process.  We have made our share of cashiers upset over the days with our huge handfuls of coupons, and if one didn’t work yes we would want the manager to come fix it. We were those people.

I always thought that when I was out on my own I would do just that. I would wait for the paper, then cut the coupons out, and then go save my money. But as I shortly found out. It began to look at is as a hassle and not so much fun, but more as a chore. Like any young adult I don’t like chores, so I stopped couponing. I was trying to balance a job, school, and a social life. In the end couponing was the first thing to go. Now at first I didn’t see much of a difference in my bills and the amount of money I had to spend, but as time went on I was beginning to get into, what I would call, a pickle. I had to ask my mom for money and at first she was willing to help out but over time she started to become hesitant. One day during that dreaded call to ask for, yet again, more money my mom asked me if I was still cutting out coupons. I lied at first and was like oh yeah I sure am, but like any good mom she could tell I was lying.  I think it’s a skill you get when you have kids. So I then confessed that I hadn’t been.

After that butt chewing, my mom made it clear I needed to do my part in trying to save my own money before she was going to help me out again. So I waited for the newspaper, cut out the coupons, and went to the store to only buy what I had coupons for.  I saved about twenty dollars that day. Now don’t get me wrong twenty dollars wasn’t going to help out that much, but as I got smarter with my couponing and mixed them with sales I was getting stuff for free and sometimes paying less than fifty percent of my original bill. So again I had to make a dreaded call to my mom to tell her, oh I hate to say it, SHE WAS RIGHT. Coupons are basically free money that these nice companies give to me! I was a fool for not taking advantage, I mean, using this nice gesture for my benefit.

I definitely swear by couponing. Today if I won the lottery and didn’t need to coupon I would still be couponing. It has become a fun thing that my boyfriend and I do together to see who can save the most money. So to answer my question, “To coupon or not to coupon” COUPON BABY!