Of course coupons influence your purchasing decisions. They influence your purchasing decisions so much that they can even make you go out of your way to buy something you don’t even need. My mother for example has taking me college dorm room shopping at the mall. While we were there, I went out looking to buy a towel, bed sheets and a mini refrigerator. While we were shopping, the store happened to have a few coupons on the entire purchase. One coupon was a 25% off the entire purchase while the other coupon was a buy one, get one half off coupon. By the time we were done shopping, my mom had 4 towels, one mini refrigerator, one microwave, two bed sheets, a bunch of notebooks (which I honestly didn’t need) and 2 pillows. The point of this is that my mom went the extra mile just because there were a few coupons involved. I only needed two towel to be honest but instead my mom got 4 because of the buy one, get one half off coupon. I also went to the store to get a mini refrigerator but I walked out with a microwave as well. This was due to the 25% off coupon that was involved in the entire purchase. I really don’t need a microwave, because my roommate has one, but my mom saw an opportunity and she really jumped on it. It’s kind of funny to look back at that day and realize what coupons can really do to influence your purchase items. For example, the bed sheets. This is something that I really did not need two of, but because my mom insisted, I got two of them. I’m probably going to never use one of them, but because of that buy one, get one half off coupon, I will be going off to college well prepared! Another reason why I believe coupons influence your purchasing decisions is because sometimes they will make you go out of your way to sign up with a company for coupon opportunities. An example of this is American Eagle. I am signed up with American Eagle to get coupons for my next purchases. Now how crazy is that? I’m signed up with a company to get coupons so that I can just go spend more money in their store. That is ridiculous when you say it out loud, but something that is even more ridiculous, is that I’m not the only person who does this. Tons of people do the same thing that I do and it is all because we want to get those great deals or get those nice coupons. Coupons have really changed the way people shop and can really help bring in consumers. Their must be a reason why companies practically hand out coupons to the consumers. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it is because coupons really work and really can benefit their company. It gives the consumer just another reason as to shop for that extra item, and can give the consumer the right to go out of their way to make an extra purchase. These are all reasons why I believe coupons influence your purchasing decisions.

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