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Winter Break Specials

As much as we don’t want to think about it, summer is coming to an end and we’re heading into fall. Before you know it we’ll be throwing on the winter coats and dragging out the snow shovels! It’s a scary thought, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not break up the monotony with a well-deserved vacation this winter? You might be thinking you can’t afford it, but with these 5 great winter break specials, your getaway might be more affordable than you think.

Winter Break Specials – Tours in Los Angeles

Winter Break Specials - Los Angeles

While the rest of your family and friends are trudging through the snow this winter wouldn’t it be great to take a walk on a nice sandy beach, or take a walk down Hollywood boulevard? We might not ever see our name in lights, but we can visit the playground of the stars and get a little taste of how the other half lives. How do you know where all the famous Hollywood hotspots are? The best way is to take a tour. Another Side of Los Angeles Tours is now offering 10% off tour tickets with this promocode.

Winter Break Specials: Transportation in Los Angeles

Winter Break Specials: Transportation

If you’re going to be flying to your winter getaway you’re going to need transport to your hotel when you get there. You could take public transport or rent you’re own vehicle, but why not consider riding in style? If you’re planning on heading to Los Angeles to take advantage of one of the other winter break specials, we’ve got another one for your list.  If you’re going to be visiting the stars then you might as well treat yourself to a little bit of the lifestyle of the stars. Carmel Limo is offering a coupon for $4 off airport pick up.

Winter Break Specials: Rental Cars

Winter Break Specials: Rental Cars

Perhaps you prefer a little more independence? Would you like the freedom of your own set of wheels? In today’s world with GPS and the abundance of online information available you might prefer to take you and your family on your own private tour. This way everyone in the family can try and catch a glimpse of their favorite stars and landmarks. The best way to do this is to rent your own car. Alamo Rent A Car has a great offer going on now. Plus, if you prepay you will save 10% off the regular price of a car rental.

Winter Break Specials: Hotels

Winter Break Specials: Hotels

If you decide a visit to southern California is the perfect winter break, you’ll want to find a great place to stay. Nothing has the potential to take the fun out of a great vacation quicker than a horrible experience at a hotel. Ayres Hotels of Southern California offers an exclusive accommodation experience that’s sure to make you feel like one of the stars. With this coupon you can save up to 20% off your stay when you book in advance.

Winter Break Specials:  Dinner Cruises

Winter Break Specials: Dinner CruisesPerhaps the appeal of Hollywood and all that Southern California has to offer just isn’t for you. There are many beautiful destinations you can choose from as the perfect winter getaway. If you’re not afraid of the open water and a beautiful sea breeze why not consider a dinner cruise? Hornblower Cruises operates in many beautiful holiday destinations. Use this promocode to receive $10 off brunch, supper, or dinner cruises and add a little aquatic adventure to your getaway, and another great way to put winter break specials right at your fingertips!

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