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Top Coupon Picks for 7/3/2015

This week we have some fabulous offers from your favorite stores. Please see Jill’s top coupon pics for this week. She will highlight the following:

Expedia Coupon: Save 100%
Express Coupon: Up to 70% off
Get Organized Coupon: 15% off


Hey guys, it’s Jill with, and I’m about to show you my top three coupon picks for the week. Here we go.

Expedia online & printable coupons.First up we have Expedia. It is a great deal, I cannot wait to share it with you. It is, book a package and save 100% on your flight. Your flight is free if you book a package through Expedia. This is an amazing deal. Here are some other options. Chicago to Vegas for $522. It’s on a certain date, Sunday December 6th through Friday December 11th, or you could do Chicago to Vegas for $461. You’re staying at the Venetian. Same dates, Sunday December 6th through December 10th. That’s a four-nighter. And on it goes. This one is going to Atlanta, there’s another one to Vegas, Newark/Las Vegas, where else? Lots of Vegas/New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, so basically you’re just paying for your hotel and you’re getting that flight there and back for free. You are saving 100%, which is a great thing to say. Perfect for summer vacations if you’re headed out, you want to take a trip, this is the way to do it. Go ahead and check that out at Expedia.

Express online & printable coupons.Next up we have Express. There is a great clearance going on, up to 70% off. You’re taking an additional 40% off of already reduced clearance so you’re really saving some money here. Tees & Tanks, 40% off. Shorts up to 50% off, different styles and designs called Editor and Columnist, buy one, get one 50% off. Shoes up to 50% off, and then we also have stuff for all guys. All guys’ shorts, 40% off, guys’ polos and select tees, 40% off, jeans, dress pants, buy one get one for 30 bucks. Great deals happening there as well, whether you’re shopping for summer clothes, whether you’re shopping for back-to-school, go ahead and check that out at Express.

Get Organized online & printable coupons.Last but not least, we have, it’s a great merchant called Get Organized and it has a lot of different organizational things. They have stuff from As Seen On TV, it’s a great way to find those fun little gadgets and fun little organizational baskets and cabinets and everything that you could use in your house and for dorm. If you have some college kids that are going off to college for the first time or they need some upgrades to their furniture for the dorm room, this is the perfect place to go and it’s 15% off right now. You could shop by room, you could look at the storage and organization that they have, lighting, outdoor, clearance, new arrivals, more in As Seen On TV, automotive, carts and bags, cleaning, home décor, housewares. They have a lot at Get Organized. I would definitely check it out.

Let’s go through that one more time. Expedia, 100% off your flight if you book a package deal. Express, up to 70% off on their clearance right now, and Get Organized, 15% off on whatever you like. I would definitely go check all of that out, and don’t forget to go to and check out our coupon app. Enter your phone number, click ‘send the link’ and you’re going to get that coupon app on your phone. That way, you can go into the retail stores and while you’re waiting in line to check out, make sure that you didn’t miss any great opportunities for great savings by looking at our coupon app. I hope that you are able to use those coupons this week, and I will see you guys next week. Bye!

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