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Top Coupon Picks for 7/24/2015

This week we have some fabulous offers from your favorite stores. Please see Jill’s top coupon pics for this week. She will highlight the following:

Expedia Coupon: Up to $750
Mikasa Coupon: 15% Off
Claires Coupon: 20% Off


Hey, everyone. It’s Jill with, and it’s that time of the week for the top three coupons. Let’s get started.

Expedia online & printable coupons.First up we have a great coupon for Expedia, and it’s for cruises. It’s a great deal on cruises. It’s still summertime. There’s still time to book that cruise. As long as you book a cruise this summer, and the cruise has to depart between June 1st and December 31st, 2015, you can get up to $750 onboard credit. All I did was go to page, go to the Expedia merchant through, and click on that coupon for 750 onboard credit. It’s going to bring you to this page. Then this is where you can find the redemption form to submit to get your credit as well. From here you can also see all the details available. You can look at all the cruises that are available as well. It’s still summertime, still time to get on one of those cruises. What a great vacation. Up to 750 onboard credit; you can’t beat that. Definitely check that out.

Mikasa online & printable coupons.Next up we have a coupon for Mikasa, 15%. There’s also a 20% going on as well this weekend, and free shipping on all orders over $75. Mikasa’s great. They have lots of houseware things for dinnerware, server ware, drink ware, flatware, lots of home décor for table settings and dining things as well. Definitely check that out, patterns and collections, gifts, home accents, lots of great vases and bowls and picture frames, candle holders. 15% off or 20% off: that’s happening this weekend only I believe. Definitely check that out. They have some really cute things, gorgeous, gorgeous glassware as well. Take a look at that.

Claires online & printable coupons.Last but not least, we have Claire’s with a 20% going on. There’s some great back to school things in here. It’s almost that time of year again for back to school so make sure that you are arriving in style with all new accessories. You can look through jewelry, accessories, hair, beauty. You can go by brands. If you want to get a new ear piercing, maybe move to a double ear piercing or get your ears pierced for the first time. Claire’s has that option as well. 20% right now, and they’re now just introducing a guy shop as well. Make sure to shop there and see what’s new and what’s happening for back to school.

That’s it for me. Make sure you also go to and check out the coupon app. All you have to do is enter your phone number, click send link. We’ll send you that coupon app and that way you can have that app with you in the store so that you can get all of the savings that are possible. One more time, Expedia, $750 of onboard credit. We have Mikasa, 15% off, but there is a 20% going on right now as well. Then Claire’s, 20%. Check those out, and I will see you guys next week for my next top three. See you guys later.

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