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Top Coupon Picks for 4/16/2015

This week we have some fabulous offers from your favorite stores. Please see Jill’s top coupon pics for this week. She will highlight the following:

Kohl’s 15% off
Shoebuy 20% off
Office Depot 25% off


Hey, guys. It’s Jill. I’m part of the team. Today I want to show you my top three coupon picks for this week. Let’s get started.


Kohls online & printable coupons. First up we have Kohl’s. Now I love Kohl’s. I used to work at Kohl’s so I might be a little biased, but they always have everything that I could possibly need. Always, they always have some sort of coupon happening. Right now it’s a 15% off. I’d absolutely take that. They have everything from women and men’s clothing to kids’ clothing, to toys, to a seasonal section depending on what season it is, to shoes, to home décor including bed, bath, and kitchen, electronics, luggage if you’re traveling, accessories galore. I would absolutely take Kohl’s up on this offer. You never know.

This happens to be a printable coupon, so all I need to do is press print and my printer will print it, and I can take that in with me to Kohl’s next time I shop there. If you’re buying something like a little accessory, or a big something, you can always bring this in, and if you have a coupon for a dollar amount as well, they will honor both and they can use both of those. I would absolutely go with this one because Kohl’s has everything that you could ever need.

Shoebuy online & printable coupons.Next up we have Now the one happening at Shoebuy is a 20% off plus free shipping and free returns. I’m looking at the new women’s sandals. Summer is quickly approaching. We’re just sat in spring right now. With summer approaching, I need to find a shoe that’s not only cute but very comfortable. You’re walking around all the time, it’s beautiful outside, but you don’t want to get those blisters.

These are adorable but they’re also very comfortable. Shoebuy has so many shoes to choose from, whether it’s sandals that you’re looking for or something else. You could go by size. You could shop by color. You could shop by the heel inch or the brand. Shoebuy has so many brands to choose from. Whatever you need, I’m sure they have it. If you have a price range that you want to stay in, Shoebuy can help you out with that, too. You can sort by price range. 20% plus free shipping and free returns. It would be a very smart idea to go ahead and use that.

Office Depot online & printable coupons. Last but not least, we have Office Depot. It’s a 25% off coupon for Office Depot for online orders. Now, this does have some exclusions like technology, furniture and everything. However, I was checking out all of the backpacks that they had. I always love looking for new backpacks for traveling and everything. Office Depot has some really great backpacks to choose from. You could also go by laptop backpack as well. It’s not really back to school because we haven’t even started summer yet, but you could always get a head start on that and go ahead and find the backpack that you’re looking for. They have great brands here, too. I had a Jansport for a while and it lasted me throughout probably ten years of my life.

I would absolutely take this 25% off, Shoebuy 20% off, Kohl’s 15% off. Make sure that you have an account. Sign up for that and check out our coupon app as well. That’s it for me, and I will see you guys next week for my top three. Thank you.

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