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Shark Week – 6 Things You Need to Celebrate

As you may know, one week every summer is designated Shark Week – a week-long block of shark-based programming on Discovery Channel. With shows like Zombie Sharks, Spawn of Jaws, Sharkageddon, and Alien Sharks, it’s no wonder the week is as popular as ever.

Here are six Shark Week must-haves for you and your kids:

Shark Week: Vacuum

Shark NV400 Navigator Rotator Professional Vacuum, available at Macy’s 

Shark Week Find #1: Shark Professional Vacuum

Perhaps the most overlooked “shark” product is the actual Shark vacuum cleaner. This lightweight vacuum features swivel steering, ultra-quiet technology, and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology that sucks up over 99% of allergens, including dust and dirt. Did we mention it’s on sale through August 17, A.K.A. the end of Shark Week? We doubt that’s a coincidence. Find the Shark NV400 Navigator Rotator Professional Vacuum at Macy’s and get free shipping with this coupon code.

Shark Week - Helmet

Raskullz Shark Toddler Helmet in Black, available at Target

Shark Week Find #2: Raskullz Shark Toddler Helmet

Keep your child’s head protected no matter what sport they play! This cute helmet may be the most practical for sports like bicycling or rollerblading, but hey! It’s Shark Week! Let them pretend to be a shark while they’re in the pool, playing baseball, or just while walking down the street. The Raskullz Shark Toddler Helmet, available at Target, is recommended for kids ages 3 and up, and is padded and vented with an adjustable strap for comfort and security. Check out I’m In’s Target page for great deals before you check out!

Shark Week - Tee Shirt

Maui and Sons “Smile No Worries” Shark Tee, available at Kohl’s

Shark Week Find #3: Maui and Sons “Smile No Worries” Shark Tee

This awesome tee is just what every guy and gal needs to wear to the beach this week! The 100% cotton short-sleeve crewneck features a silly shark graphic with the phrase “Smile No Worries.” Pick up this Maui and Sons Shark Tee at Kohl’s, and be sure to check our website for coupons and discounts to use toward your purchase!

Shark Week - Backpack

Shark Backpack, available at Discovery Store

Shark Week Find #4: Discovery Store Shark Backpack

Nom nom nom! This little grey shark is hungry for your books, your lunch, your clothes, or whatever else you plan to use this backpack for! Made of 100% polyester, the Shark Backpack is fairly large at 17” x 12.5” x 8” with a main compartment, front pocket, and side pockets. Buy this bag, and other official Shark Week gear, at the Discovery Store at a great bargain!

Shark Week - Swim TrunksJoe Boxer Boy’s Sun Protection Swim Trunks & Goggles, available at Kmart

Shark Week Find #5: Joe Boxer Boy’s Swim Trunks & Goggles

Let your little guy head to the beach in style wearing Joe Boxer’s Boy’s Sun Protection Swim Trunks & Goggles! With a SPF of 50, the shark and lightning-designed shorts will protect him from the sun’s harmful rays, while he plays and swims around for hours on end! Shop Kmart for this set and save a few dollars on your purchase with these I’m In coupons.

Shark Week - SandalsJeffrey Campbell ‘Ibiza’ Shark Print Sandal, available at Nordstrom

Shark Week Find #6: Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ibiza’ Shark Print Sandal

The most daring sandal around – the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Ibiza’ Shark Print Sandal is every water-lover’s dream! Made in Spain, this women’s shoe features a contemporary slingback style and a realistic photo of a shark with its mouth wide open on the top. So cute! Get these with free shipping on Nordstrom’s web store.

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