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Get This Gadget – Ellipticals

It’s the New Year, so it’s time to start working on the new you! Getting back into shape can be a fun and exhausting yet completely rewarding task. Oftentimes, between work and taking care of the family and running your household, it’s difficult to find time to go to the gym!

Skip the gym and work out in the comfort of your own home with an in-house elliptical! These compact and innovative machines are designed with the ultimate in fitness performance in mind and your convenience, too. Each high-tech device gives you all of the power of your typical gym elliptical without the worry of getting to the gym or any of the stresses that can potentially with it.

We rounded up two top models to help you find the perfect at-home elliptical for you! This is the perfect time of the year for you to start exercising and with something so convenient right at home, you are more likely to keep up the habit. Happy shopping!

Twist Stepper Workout Machine
by Overstock

Get ready for a unique and rewarding workout with the Sunny Health Fitness Twist Stepper Workout Machine! This innovative device will get you sweating with a twisting and turning yet stepping motion that works everything from your buttocks to your thighs without harming your joints.

In addition to this motion, this high-tech elliptical comes complete with a set of exercise bands to give you a full-body workout when you so desire. As you work, a built-in LCD screen will keep track of calories burned, time spent, and your overall progress, giving you a bird’s eye view of your overall fitness.

With a heavy duty steel construction and adjustable height, you’ll want to add this elliptical to your home “gym” asap!

Stamina inMotion Elliptical
by Footsmart

If you’re looking for the perfect in-home workout, look no further! The sleek and smart Stamina inMotion Elliptical will help get you to your fitness goals while looking stylish, too. This tiny machine packs a potent punch of a high powered but low impact lower body workout that will tone your legs and buttocks with minimal pain.

Pedals that move both in forward and reverse motion allow for you to easily work different parts of your body, while the smooth movement of the pedals keeps you in tune with your body and focused on your workout rather than on pain or discomfort. With a bright and colorful design and a lightweight feel, this elliptical will give you everything you’ve been dreaming of in an at-home workout!

 Twist Stepper Workout MachineTwist Stepper Workout Machine from Overstock featured by I’m in! Coupons  Stamina inMotion EllipticalStamina inMotion Elliptical from FootSmart featured by I’m in! Coupons
get_it_now_button get_it_now_button
$79.99 $149.99
Low impact lower body workout Low impact lower body workout
Adjustable stepping height and twist action Adjustable tension
Exercise bands Forward/Reverse pedals
Built-in LCD monitor Smooth movement
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