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Nothing tastes quite as delicious at the end of the day as a glass of well-aged wine. Having a glass of wine every night can become quite the expensive habit, especially if you prefer quality and taste to quantity. Say goodbye to the expensive pricetag of fine wines by purchasing a high quality wine decanter.

Wine decanters are the perfect tool for aerating any style of wine, giving it an extra burst of flavorful character whether it’s a $2 bottle or a $2,000 bottle. Wine spreads evenly across the wine decanting bell at the bottom of the vase, distributing oxygen and enriching the flavor in mere seconds.

They’re designed to elegantly house wine on any surface, from a kitchen counter to a dining room table. Each decanter is designed to house up to an entire 750 mL bottle of wine, creating the perfect serving piece for an elegant dinner for two or a larger group. Large spouts aid in the pouring of the wine into glasses.

With such great features, how do you choose just one? To help you find the perfect decanter, we sourced two popular models from across the web!

Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter
by Sears

Enrich and enhance your wine while cooling it perfectly at the table with the Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter. This elegant decanter allows you to keep your wine at the perfect temperature throughout your meals or parties while providing taste-enhancing oxygenation benefits.

The shapely clear glass design makes for an opulent centerpiece for any dining room table, kitchen counter, or bar. This wine decanter can hold up to an entire liter of wine at a time, making it perfect for an intimate dinner or a party. Simply fill up the ice cup and place it underneath the decanter for a perfectly chilled wine every time!

Bloomus Design House Monogrammed Decanter with Aerator
by Gift Tree

Unlock the essence and enrich the flavor of each bottle of wine with the Bloomus Design House Monogrammed Decanter with Aerator.

This two-in-one German crafted elegant piece is the key to bringing out the true nature of each bottle of wine, infusing it with oxygen and separating unwanted sediments and impurities. A reverse filter and silicone seal prevents any sediment from returning the wine while allowing the full flavor to permeate through.

With the option to customize the decanter with a personal monogram, you’ll want one of these on your dinning room table every night!

 Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter
Epicureanist Wine Chilling Decanter from Sears featured by I’m in! Coupons
Bloomus Design House Monogrammed Decanter
Bloomus Design House Monogrammed Decanter by Hammacher Schlemmer featured by I’m in! Coupons
get_it_now_button get_it_now_button
$73.33 $89.95
Chilling Feature with Ice Cup Two-In-One Aerator and Decanter
Easy Pour Spout Easy Pour Spout
Elegant Glass Appearance Reverse Filter and Silicone Seal
Holds up to 1 Liter of Wine Holds up to 750mL of Wine
Save $36.66 off list price! Get free monogramming with our exclusive coupon!

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