Coupons come in many forms and can be used at many stores and websites. There are manufacturer’s coupons, store coupons and even online only coupons. They come in paper form from stores, printable versions from online websites or electronic versions sent to smartphones or to email addresses. In today’s society there are even App’s that smartphones can have that are for certain stores and coupon websites making the coupon experience even more convenient. My smartphone has the Meijer MPerks which helps me to “Clip” my coupons I intend to use at the store. This makes my shopping experience more enjoyable and less stressful as I just use the “clipped” coupons on my account.

I definitely use coupons all the time for regular grocery shopping whether it is direct from my app on my Android or one’s that I have printed from coupon websites. As I get a regular paycheck every two weeks my grocery shopping also occurs every two weeks. I will search my house and see what I need to buy and then logon to my MPerks and hope to find some coupons I can use. I also search the Internet to find manufacturer coupons for things like pickles, peanut butter, potato chips and many other everyday items. When I need to buy a specialty item that I don’t normally buy all the time or only buy once in a great while I will search for a coupon online to help reduce the cost so I can purchase it for less. I also get coupon offers from Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works, MC Sporting Goods, Target, Big Lots and many more that I have signed up for sent to my phone each month which I love to use. I will buy new candles, household items, groceries, pet supplies and much more with these amazing store coupons and discounts.

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In fact, just last week I searched the Internet for coupons to help pay for my Lantus and Novolog which are insulin’s that I require on a daily basis for the rest of my life to survive. I looked at different pharmacy prescription coupon websites and even went to the manufacturer’s website. Luck would have it that I found a coupon that is good for two years in helping me pay less for my necessary prescriptions even with my health insurance through my employer. Unfortunately, my two different insulin’s I take are costly even with insurance so this was truly a great find for me.

As prices for goods and services continue to increase it makes sense to find ways to help reduce the cost of these items we purchase. Coupons do influence me to the point of whether or not I will purchase a product that I need or if the cheaper route would be to buy the store brand verses the name brand that has a coupon. I have found that some coupons still don’t equate to being a better savings. Some require the purchase of two or three of the same items in order to get $0.50 off the total purchase. Now, if the items are on sale for buy one get one free and you have a coupon for buying two items the purchase ends up being one free while the other is $0.50 off. I have seen and heard people say they saved so much money on a particular item or shopping trip but in reality they spent more than they had originally planned to or their savings wasn’t really much of a savings at all compared to the amount they spent in total.

I have learned from family members and friends to watch store ads and look for coupons to get the maximum savings possible when shopping for groceries and items for the house. I’m by no means an extreme coupon clipper; as I have tried that and ended up wasting coupons so I decided to do a less extreme approach. I now use my smartphone apps and online websites to get the most savings I can without really spending a lot more money to save big.