I believe having coupons can be helpful in purchasing certain items. I do use coupons in a a lot of the items I purchase. They have helped me get dinners in restaurants as well as items in some stores. Though one area I do not find coupons helpful is food shopping because a store brand is usually less expensive than with a coupon for a name brand item.

I join all restaurant websites for their coupons as a result I very rarely have had to purchase a birthday dinner for myself. I receive so many coupons that I have to figure out which ones I really want to use.  These restaurant coupons have also helped me to enjoy meals with my family because we have because we have been able to have family meals together we would not have been able to have without the coupons. I have tried different restaurants also because of coupons I have received. I believe this has helped me broaden my perspective of different restaurants in my area. Overall these coupons I find beneficial to my life.

I like using coupons for different stores as well. I have bought everything from candles to dog food with these type of coupons. I have been deeply affected by these coupons as well. I tend to get money off of dog food every time I have needed it. I managed to buy $75 worth of  coupons for $25 thanks to coupons. I also love to do crafts and without some of my coupons I would not be able to purchase some of my supplies. I think people do not give coupons enough credit at times. Though one does have to figure out how to use them correctly with a little extra work one can make their coupons have more purchasing power.

One area of couponing I do not use is for grocery shopping I have found that most store brands are cheaper than I can get a name brand even with a coupon. The state I live in does not offer double coupons so I do not have that advantage. If I lived in a state that did this I might reconsider this option because than one could save a lot of money using grocery coupons. I am not obsessive as some people are who spend 40 hours a week sorting their coupons as I don’t have the time. I give those people credit for making the time to do this.

Some people may not agree that couponing is worthwhile I strongly disagree on this subject. I have been told who wants to check their e-mail before going out to see if they can get a coupon. I explain how much money I save over the year just by simply checking my e-mail. Some also say that they do not wish to try new things in a restaurant. I say why not one never knows if they will like it if one never tries it so why not try it for free. A free meal here and there is also nice when one does not have a lot of money and want to get out of the house. As a college student I do not have a lot of money so these are very nice for me. Coupons also help me to keep my pets well fed.

The question yet again do coupons effect how I spend? Overall yes they do I could not get by without them at times and they have brought cheer into my life when I have not had a lot of good going on in my life. Restaurant and stores have given me many free items or deeply discounted items. Depending on where one lives grocery coupons can also be most helpful. To those who have not used them I suggest one gives them a try.

A special note from us at I’m In: Barbara doesn’t have the time to sort grocery coupons, so we want to make it quick and easy for her to do so.   We have hundreds of grocery coupons that you can have sent to you with weekly alerts.  Happy saving!