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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Austin S.

Coupons definitely influence my purchasing decisions.  I have watched my mother clip coupons for years.  I have watched her search the internet for coupons and promotional codes every time she shops online.  When I was younger I would see my mother save twenty or thirty dollars at times by using her coupons at double coupon grocery stores.  She would brag when she got in the car about how much she saved on brand name items and new products we haven’t tried yet.  I have used different brands and products over the years because my mother would use coupons to save money.  By using a variety of brands and products I have found many items I like that I probably wouldn’t have thought to use and some I still use today.  I remember my mother telling me that she saves one hundred and twenty dollars a year by using two five dollar coupons twice a month for my father’s Osteo-Bi Flex pills.  What could you do with an extra one hundred and twenty dollars a year?  That’s why I recommend and practice using coupons in my daily life.

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One thing I have heard my mother say is that just because you have a coupon for an item doesn’t mean that’s the best deal.  You must research and shop around to make sure you are getting the most for your money.  Different stores price there merchandise differently so you may not be making the most of your coupons depending upon where you are using them.  Some coupons require you to purchase multiple items to use them and you have to do the math to make sure you are not paying a lot more to save a little.

Some people claim “I don’t have time to sit and clip coupons to save a couple coins”.  In this age of technological advances it is so easy to use coupons.  Almost everyone owns a smart phone and there are several apps that use bar code technology to use coupons.  If you have a favorite store that you like to shop in you can easily go on their web page and have them send you coupons, promotional code and sale items to your e-mail address and access them right on your smartphone or on your computer.  Some stores have apps and web sites that offer e-coupons as you search there products, with a click on the e-coupons you instantly save.  You can download apps from specific stores and create an account and instantly save by telling the clerk they offer coupon on my account by just giving the clerk your phone number.  Other store send coupons directly to your email and all you have to do is show the clerk the email on your smartphone to redeem the coupon. On the computer you can easily get free printable coupons.  There is also a very helpful add-on that can be downloaded to your computer called “invisible hand” that work in the background while you shop.  It searches other stores and sites for cheaper prices.  That definitely makes coupons influence the decisions I make when making purchases.

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Many grocery stores and chain department stores now offer rewards cards. By swiping your card with every purchase you instantly earn cash for future purchases or gas.  Many credit cards offer rewards in the same manner.  These offers are a lot like coupons in there sense that then too influence purchasing decisions.

As a part-time employee I now have my own money to make purchases.  I always look for coupons or promotional codes when I shop now.  I know the hard work it takes to earn a dollar and I intend to make the most of the hard earned money I make.  I recently purchased gages for my car and found by making two separate purchase I could use two separate coupons and saved sixty dollars by using my coupons.  So yes I do feel that coupons influence my decision on purchases.  I will continue to look for coupons and promotional codes to save money. I would recommend that everyone uses coupons to influence their purchasing decisions.

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