Growing up, my mother taught my sister and I from an extremely young age how coupons can change your life. Coupons must be used in an infinite number of ways for food and home supplies. Additionally, coupons are needed to purchase clothes and luxury items as well. Coupons have a significant impact on if I am to purchase the item or not.  If I do not have a coupon for the item and it is not on sale, then I will most likely not make the purchase.

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People argue numerous ideas against couponing, but if you do it right, then it will always produce a benefit. It troubles me that some people say that couponing is a waste of time.  Think about it. Take about five to ten minutes before you leave to go shopping. You clearly know what stores you will be going too, and with technology that we have today find coupons right on the company or store’s website! Five minutes can save you hundreds of dollars. Therefore it is obviously not a waste of time especially given the technology we have at our finger tips.  Some people argue that it is too difficult to do with children. My mother taught my sister and I from the age of six how to coupon.  Not only can it be beneficial financially for you, but you can also spend time with and educate your children in the process.  You can educate them of the importance of couponing, as well as simple mathematic skills which they will need in their futures.  Spending time with your children is also an important aspect of helping them develop, so why not make it useful in your life as well as theirs.  One issue some people have with couponing is that food and supplies go to waste if you buy too much of it.  If you are going to coupon, it is not necessary to use every coupon you have if you will not use that product.  When I coupon I only use coupons for items that I actually need, will use or want. It is important to remember when couponing that you can go overboard and buy things you do not need if you forget to only buy things you actually needed and wanted in the first place. This is why I find it easiest to search for coupons for what I specifically want to buy.  Some people argue that coupons are a hoax and you will actually end up paying more.  I have discovered that sometimes it is better to not use a coupon, however the majority of the time it is a better deal to use the coupon.  To avoid the worry that you are being cheated of money, do the simple math, or ask as you are checking out if they will show you before and after using the coupon. Just by being aware of what you are doing and thinking critically will help you avoid being cheated by the few coupons that will not give you the better deal.  Overall, people against couponing simply are not using the coupons appropriately nor have actually given couponing a chance.

Coupons have a significant influence on if I purchase something or not. Before going out to eat at a restaurant I will go on to that restaurant’s website and most of the time there is a coupon for a free appetizer or something similar. As for clothing shopping, I typically look for coupons on the websites as well.  In some clothing stores, I will ask the cashier or people who work at the store if they have any coupons out right now.  Usually, there are at least one or two coupons which can save me financially.  For food shopping, coupons can get you more of what you wanted in a greater quantity or the same amount for a lower price.  Growing up, my family was an average household family, therefore I learned to coupon because it was necessary for my family to have food on the table and purchase items we needed.  Today, as a college student, I continue to coupon because as many typical college students I am in debt. Couponing can relieve some of the expenses of books, food and supplies which are necessities for college life.  Couponing can make a difference in anyone’s life if you use coupons wisely and efficiently. Can you save by using coupons?

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