I feel I have magic beans in my pocket when I carry my coupons.  I am glad they exist and that I can use them whenever I want. Using them have been helpful for many of my purchases and come with many benefits. Coupons have a great influence on my purchasing decisions because I can save money and catch deals. Using them in a wise way can take you far.

Most of the time when I am shopping, I have to make sure I have my coupons or any coupons associated with that purchase. It feels like I have a golden ticket to saving money. My heart skips a beat and my eyes widen because of the joy of how much money I saved.  It may not mean a lot to someone else, but it means the world to me. I am a college student and need all the money I can save. It would be very irresponsible for me to spend large amounts of money and not think of how that will affect me in the future. Since I am living on my own now, I have to think of ways on how I can conserve the money I have. I look through magazines, websites, and commercials to find coupons. If you are trying to save money, coupons can be a helping hand. For example, it was important I shopped smart for my dorm room and school. I decided to search stores that only had coupons for my college dorm and school supplies shopping. I was lucky to find several stores like Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Office Depot, and Target. I had a huge list and needed to make sure I bought everything. Those coupons aided in a huge way because I saved a lot of money. Also, I saved so much that I was able to put the leftover money in my savings account for college. It was exciting to get everything and not having to spend all of my money.

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Shopping is a hobby for me. With my spending habits, it is important that I shop responsibly. There are always deals at every store and I get over zealous when I am able to catch them. For example, I could be shopping and see a beautiful shirt, but its cost 20 dollars. Personally, I would not spend that much money since I need to shop smarter. I will wait until they have a coupon for a buy one get one free (BOGO) or get three shirts for 20 dollars deal on that shirt. I would not just only save money, but I will be able to get two or three shirts for the price of one. That is much better than spending an excessive of money on one shirt. Catching deals using my coupons helps me with my spending habit because now I can save more and still have the luxury of having many items. Coupons can help people get items that they frequently buy in bulk. For example, at my house we have tons of paper towels because of coupons. We bought them using a coupon on a bulk purchase of paper towels. Since we use them regularly, it was smart to buy them so we can stock and save money. It takes time and energy to find coupons that you need, but every second is worth it. It is more worth it when you can use them.

People use coupons every day for food, clothes, accessories, and many more items. Using coupons have influenced me serval times on my purchasing decision. They help me with saving a tremendous amount of money and I able to purchase more items with them.  Saving every dollar you can is considered smart shopping and we all should be involved. I use them for school supplies, my dorm room, clothes, food and makeup purchases because most of those items are expensive sometimes. Luckily, I can keep some of my money using coupons.