As a shopper at many department and grocery stores, I commonly find myself facing books full of coupons of things that I rarely ever need or want. On a great day would I actually take the time to cut these out of newspapers on Sunday and put them in my wallet for safe keeping to then use them at the counter, but as a teenager who doesn’t take such savings to heart, I will forget and then become upset that I hadn’t used them at the time. It is not often that I spend time choosing what coupons will save me the most money on my budget, but it is often that I complain that cookies or pants cost too much since I do enjoy being comfortable and stuffing my face with chocolaty goodness. When coupons are there, I usually take them, sometimes I don’t depending if I want to spend money that day or week, and all other times I give them to my mother who definitely enjoys coupons more than I do.

Being an employee for a huge grocery store in the midwest, coupons have grown on me the last two years. I’ve seen folks save over 50 dollars on coupons and on those days in those moments do I actually show a slight care in the world for them. The very next day I will forget that happened and go about my non-saving ways and continue to complain that I spend too much. It is honestly all fun and games until your wallet is empty. Before I worked at a grocery store I believed that coupons did nothing but save you small amounts and when you are young, you don’t really understand that “every penny counts”. Since working for my employer, I have given savings a new light in my life and now coupons do influence what I buy.

As a freshmen in college, promo codes in the bookstore give great savings considering my total cost of books this fall semester was over 500 dollars (that nearly made me cry). I had not used a coupon for that purchase and nor was I aware I could, but after all of that money was taken away I learned and I wished I had used it. Since then I pledged to myself I would always use promo codes and coupons for my college expenses if applicable. Being introduced in the world of costly tuition, room, and board, I have developed a much better appreciation for the savings in life and thus shows why coupons have saved me. College, food, clothes, and entertainment all have a way of bringing the customers back for more.

Growing up, I have seen companies bring higher prices and offer savings but still keep the price above the previous low. This style of sale is something I refuse to bite on, sometimes people don’t see that they are being unappreciated as customers and are only looked to for milking. In my case, I can see past such things from retailers. The next big thing about coupons that make me unhappy is the limitations and specifics. A couple weeks ago Kraft had a big sale on cheese, now they have tons of different styles yet they only included two and those were not the majority. Coupons save my life from more debt than I could imagine at this time. Appreciating the things you can obtain just by the care of others have for their consumers is big and should always be taken advantage of. Price freezes, promo codes, and giveaways by companies all bring the people back for more and if its saving you, you better go along with it like myself for now on but don’t fall into the ploys of being told what is best for you.

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