Coupons definitely influence my purchasing decisions. From grocery shopping to online shopping, there is no scarcity in the savings available to those patient and resourceful.

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There are many reasons why coupons influence my purchasing decisions. One reason is the sense of urgency that the offer is temporary and my decision to take advantage of the opportunity. Coupons at times cause me to buy on impulse with the prospect of purchasing the item while it is at a discount. Getting it while the getting is good. Periodically, I experience buyer’s remorse afterwards, yet in the moment, feel like I was making a well-informed decision. In retrospect, at other times I got a great deal and am still greatly satisfied with some of those purchases. An example where coupons motivate me to make purchasing decisions is when I am on the flash sale site It is an online clothing flash sale site that offers men’s and women’s clothing at a substantial discount. Sales for items last a few days and are then replaced by different sales. In addition to the time restraints, the items are on discount with coupons available for an additional reduction in price. Time restraints, fast paced shopping, and discounts with additional savings available are a recipe for impulse buyers and they are effective.

Another reason why coupons influence my purchasing decisions is the most obvious: they save me money. By a study from Nielson Company, it is reported that in 2013 alone, consumers saved 4.921 billion dollars from using coupons. At practically every business establishment, they have coupons and deals to reward the patient and resourceful. Whether its fifty cent Wing Wednesday, post Halloween candy specials, or early bird and happy hour specials at restaurants, the savings are there. Common sense would tell people that they should pay the least possible for a product without compromising its quality. Coupons facilitate that possibility, while disregard for the financial savings explains why some people do not use them. As Mary Potter Kenyon once stated, “Despite their inherent messiness, consumers aren’t about to give up on a mode of savings that is so much under their control. After all, the price savings from a coupon is guaranteed to go directly to the consumer using it. A coupon can allow a consumer to purchase brand-name products at the same, or sometimes even a lower price, than a store brand. And only the coupon-using consumer obtains those benefits.”

Aside from coupon- caused impulse buys and financial savings, another reason coupons influence my purchasing decisions is seeing well-informed couponers on television acquire purchases for practically nothing. Seeing shows such as “Extreme Couponing” as well as the coupon diehards on YouTube inspire me to become aware of the potential savings I overlook. You would see them enter the store with multiple carts, leaving with pallets of product and those same carts piled to the brim. Some of the couponers even make money on their transactions! It’s hard to fathom, yet has been shown to be possible. As far as YouTube, veteran couponers share their tips and tricks as well as their recent hauls. With the internet, extreme couponers are more connected than ever exchanging suggestions over social media sites and forums. This vast community makes it easy for anyone to access the great savings.

A fourth factor in which coupons have influenced my purchasing decisions is the rise in accessibility to quality coupons. Before technology kicked into high gear, couponing was collecting the clippings from the Sunday paper and other local papers. Nowadays, there are websites solely dedicated to keeping its followers informed on whatever product they are looking for ( can narrow it down by store, by product brand, as well as other settings. Consumers also have the option to avoid physical paper coupons altogether and load coupons onto their club card or phones. This accessibility makes it easier to save money without too much hassle.

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In conclusion, coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Due to their savings and ease of accessibility, they benefit those willing to deal with them. I have used coupons for as long as I can remember and do not see that changing anytime soon.