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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Anthony G.

When it comes to deciding whether or not coupons influence your purchasing decisions at the market, trust me when I tell you, they do. My family has always used coupons for anything possible. We aren’t a relatively poor family, we just like to save money when we can. My mother is obsessed with collecting coupons. So much that she composed a two inch binder full of coupons from different newspapers from all over the city. She has it organized in categories as well such as dairy, nuts, meat, drinks, and cereals. My mother will feel that it is not necessary to buy a certain product that does not have a coupon if it is not a necessity on her grocery list, but she will not hesitate to buy something, without a coupon, that we use or eat on a daily basis. For example, my favorite brand of Cereal is called Life which is a popular brand to purchase.  When I accompany my mother to the grocery store and ask her if we can buy my favorite cereal, she checks her large binder full of coupons to see if a coupon will pop up for my cereal. Nine times out of ten, she won’t have a coupon. For those who do not know, Life rarely puts out coupons in the newspaper or local advertisements. Of course she does not have a coupon for my cereal and tells me to choose a different cereal that I like. However, she tells me a list of cereals to choose from that she has a coupon for at that moment. I’m not particularly picky when it comes to my cereal, but I wanted my Life cereal. My mom would rather I not enjoy my cereal than pay the extra dollar or two. This is a prime example of how coupons influence your purchases. I did not get my favorite brand of cereal and I had to settle for Lucky Charms.  From a financial standpoint, I understand why my mom chooses which product is worthy of her money. When my mom purchases large quantities of something, for a party or special occasion, the price dramatically drops when she gives the cashier the accumulation of her stack of coupons. Even outside of the grocery store, I can use the coupon card to convince my mom to let me go somewhere that she was feeling hesitant on before since she gives me extra money to purchase things. If I ask her to purchase a ticket for an amusement park, which are expensive, and I find and present to her a coupon that gives her a large discount, she will more likely say yes and be impressed about the great deal I found than just say no because the price is too high or it is not necessary for me to go. Coupons have a great influence on the plans for my Saturday nights. Another way coupons influence the purchasing power of people is that it established a financial comfort zone about spending money on places like going out to eat, movies, or just making purchases for yourself. For instance, I remember I asked out this girl named Elizabeth and I wanted to take her to dinner at a nice restaurant, keep in mind that I am seventeen and do not have a steady income. I wanted to take her to P.F. Chang’s but I know that their food has high prices and I did not have a lot of money to spend all in one night. So I went online and found a Groupon, an online coupon corporation, that gave me about 30% off my bill if I spend more than thirty dollars. That sounded like a good deal to me. Me being a gentlemen and all, I offered to pay the whole bill, including the tip, which came out to be twenty-five dollars. Without the Groupon, I would have paid around thirty-five dollars; so I saved approximately ten dollars, which I then used to buy us ice-cream for Elizabeth and I afterwards, all because I had a Groupon. I was feeling doubts about my entire plan for my date, but with the help of coupons, I was able to feel comfortable paying for the bill at the restaurant and was still able to get dessert for her. Coupons really do influence your spending power.

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