Coupons do, in fact, influence my purchasing decisions. Whenever I get coupons in the mail, by email, text message, or in-store, it makes me so much more excited to go back to that place because who doesn’t like free stuff? In our society, prices go up for everything and I feel that many people are too loose with their money, so if there is any way I can save even a little bit of money I will do that.

In a country where almost everyone is in some kind of debt, whether it is socially acceptable or not, I would like to minimize my debt for the time being. I am still a young person and have not gotten a credit card or taken out any loans and I would really like to keep it that way for a while. I think that many people nowadays are very accepting of the idea of debt because it means they get what they want when they want it but I refuse to accept that idea and I love the idea of working for what I have and actually owning my things.

I really enjoy saving my money and getting specials and deals on the things I buy. If there is a chance that i can save money, I’m all about it! And I will always buy something with a coupon if I can. When we go out for food sometimes, my friend Jazmyn and I will always check to see if we have any coupons before we go and that definitely makes a difference on where we
go to eat. Many times a year, certain restaurants we go to will send out coupon booklets through the mail and we go out with friends using all the coupons. It sounds kind of dorky to other teenagers, but to us it’s just simply a smart thing to do.

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Now that I have started driving my own car, paying car insurance, and just taking up more responsibility in general, I have become much more stingy with my money. And now that I have started looking at colleges, I am finding out just how expensive it is to get that higher education that everyone is striving for at my age. That is why I am spending all of my extra time when I am not working applying for as many scholarships as I possibly can, because I don’t want to be one of those people that has an insurmountable amount of student loans to pay off as soon as they get out of college. I just simply want to get out of college, get my degree, and
start the next chapter in my life.

I also hope that I can install these values in my children later in life. If I can teach them the same things my parents taught me about hard work and being smart with your money, hopefully they will make some of the same choices I have made throughout my life.