To say I love coupons is an understatement. When I shop…I shop with coupons. What college student doesn’t love free stuff? We pay thousands of dollars for classes, books, and a place to sleep. What does that money go towards? The plastic trees in the student center and the useless paper things they put in the cafeteria describing useless nutrition information.  If I am eating French fries and a hamburger that piece of paper is the last thing on my mind. When I go shopping I’m on a budget because I can’t control how the university decides to spend my money, but I can control how I spend it.

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As a young lady buying things is a habit. Malls were built to be a distraction and a hindrance. Let’s face it, every time I walk into Bath & Body Works I feel all the coins leave my pocket. In my case of counting down to the last dollar, I only go in there if I have a coupon. If I don’t I am not going in. The same goes for Victoria’s Secret. I could spend all my precious loan money in the Pink collection if I wanted, but my self-control as increased. I only go in there if they send me those lovely coupons in the mail. Let’s just say my underwear draw is complete with all of their free offers. I must say that my best friend of all the couponing has to be RetailMeNot. It gives me coupons when I didn’t know there were coupons to have. It has got to be one of the best backup systems ever. I can enjoy going to the mall and buying clothes without worrying about how much money will I have for gas and food. Coupons have made a big impact on how I look at paper. It can either save me money or make me sad. When it comes to buying food and cosmetics, coupons are always in play. Every piece of hair care product or lipstick I own has been bought with a coupon. The key is to buy something while it’s on clearance or it comes in a nice package. I don’t remember the last time I paid full price for something. Today people are so quick to buy anything they want without thinking about how it impacts them in the future. Being a coupon shopper has given me a new hobby and a way to reach out to girls in my dorm.

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Coupons have inspired the fo’ free box that is conveniently found in Beckett Hall. When I don’t need something that I get free or at little cost to me it goes in the box. That box can have anything from envelopes to unwanted Christmas gifts. No matter how thrifty I am there is always someone else in need. College students are a poor group living off of Ramen Noodles and hoping to survive the next set of finals. My finance lessons did not come while sitting in class. They came when I was all alone, left wondering how I am going to make it in this world with the few dollars that I have.

I have hope for the future. I believe that one day, we will get rid of the quarter operated laundry machines and replace them with penny ones. Gas prices will lower because we have discovered a better fuel source. In doing so, paying for shipping is a thing of the past. Netflix will combine their online streaming and mail-in DVDs. More restaurants and attractions will have Student Discounts, regardless of the university….this includes Disney. It shouldn’t cost a hundred dollars for the place where “dreams come true”, because mine isn’t because the price is too high. Just saying.

All of this to say, that coupons are one of the best invention/ideas anyone has ever put into action. I am still mad at Kroger’s because they no longer double coupons. I don’t know where I am going to find Nestlé’s chocolate chips for a dollar. There are now lots of sad children without chocolate chip cookies.