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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Angel G.

To me coupons do and do not influence my purchasing decision. The reason why they do influence is by me always wanting to save money. I always want to try and save as much money as I can so I can use the money for other things that are important to me. For instance, I am a musician, I play drums, piano, and also I Dj and I always want really good quality equipment, but all that equipment is very expensive so I always want to try and save as much as I can to buy all the great quality equipment. The way it doesn’t affect me is by what the object is. For instance is a gallon of milk is five dollars and I don’t have a coupon to save a bit of money from it I would still buy it. The reason being that I need milk at home its very important that I buy things I can’t live without.

Coupons are a very good source for people to take advantage of saving money at the places they shop. Some people take advantage of the savings yet some don’t mind paying things full price. Me on the other hand are in between the two. At times I do want to save money and at times I do not mind paying full price of an item. What I do use coupons on are: going out to eat, music instruments or equipment, groceries, renting movies or games, and clothes. The reasons why I use coupons for these things is because they all can be very pricy since I’m the type of person who loves good quality things. Which again helps me save money on other things that are important for school or for myself. Coupons become very important to me if I take someone out with me. Out to eat for example, if I was to take a friend out to eat and we both order fairly large orders the price of the food will be high. So that’s when coupons begin to be very important to me it sounds stingy and greedy but I love to save as much money as I can. What is really amazing now is that now stores such as Hollister give coupons to people once they spend a certain amount of money at their store.

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The way coupons do not have an influence of my purchasing decision is by how important the object is. If I had to buy laundry soap at Walmart that is ten dollars I would buy if I didn’t have a coupon to help save me money. No doubt I’ll be very mad with the price of the soap but it’s very important for me and at home. I also don’t like to buy cheap things, for instance I recently bought turntables for my senior project. My turntables were very expensive and I went to go buy them with no coupons at all. I also added a three year warranty which was also very expensive and that added on to the price of the turntables. The turntables to me are beyond important not only for school but also for my future of being a musician so I decided to buy them no matter what the price. Music is such a big importance to my life that I will pay and add whatever it takes to make sure I get the right things to make me successful even without coupons.

In Conclusion, Coupons do and do not have an influence on my decision making on buying things. But as you can tell it does influence me more because I love saving money and it doesn’t because, if the object I’m buying is very important for instance music instruments or equipment or I can’t live without it I’d buy it without a coupon anything. If its that important its worth the money.

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