Coupons are everywhere. You can print them off from online, get them in the mail, or even get apps that have them available for you. Despite their easy accessibility I do not utilize them very often. Perhaps the main reason for this is that I do not plan that far ahead. When I need to get something from the store, I go get it. I do not check the mail or the internet for the best deal. I can see the benefit in doing so, however, since they do save you money. I choose not to hassle with clipping them or remembering them. There is one coupon I use every time I go to a store. It is the forty percent off online coupon for Hobby Lobby. It is easy to get to and easy to use. All you have to do is search for the coupon in your search bar and there it is. Then you give the number to the cashier and forty percent is automatically taken off. I love the simplicity of the coupon.

Although I am this way I have a perfect example who is the exact opposite. My Grandmother, the most stubborn person I know, is an avid coupon user. She will not go to the store without first checking the newspaper and magazines she gets in the mail for coupons. She has stashes of them in her car and keeps an envelope of them in her purse. Most every time I say I need something she will whip out her bag and say, “I have a coupon for that!” Whether or not I use the coupon she gives me is debatable. Simply because, I usually lose them! Whenever we go to a restaurant she is always sure to place her neatly clipped coupon on the edge of the table, in plain sight for the server to see. I truly believe she loves looking for those little coupons and that finding them gives her joy and entertainment.

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In example of her stubbornness, she went to Walmart one day to buy groceries. Cart stacked, coupons in hand, she unloaded her cart onto the checkout. Briefly mentioning her coupons to the cashier the woman began to scan her items and place them in the cart, forgetting all about the bundle of coupons in my Grandmothers hand. Reading the total to my Grandmother she quickly reminded her, “What about my coupons?” The woman was supposed to scan them before printing the receipt. My granny had to lug her cart full of groceries over to the service desk. The line was wrapped out the door and down the side of the wall. She stood for nearly half an hour before settling herself on one of the rotating bag holders that wasn’t being unused. After she did so others in line quickly followed suit. She waited and waited, her milk getting warm and her cheeses soggy. My stubborn Grandmother was not leaving that store without cashing in her coupons! The total amount of time she waited was an hour and forty five minutes. Yes, she counted every second! After getting to the desk, it amounted to nine items for her coupons. Nine! After hearing her long tale I couldn’t help but ask, “Where the nine items worth it?” She answered back quickly, “Well of course! I wouldn’t have bought those things if I didn’t have the coupons for them!” Like I said, she’s stubborn.

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Had it been me in that same situation I would have left long before her. The sight of that long line wrapping out the door would have been enough to send me to my car. Perhaps it is true that coupons add up after enough use. To me, a busy college student, with a job, family, and boyfriend taking the time to remember coupons isn’t enough of a priority. I may use the occasional online coupon, or if one is emailed to me. I will not take the time out of my day to clip them and save them. I can hardly remember to grab the grocery list!