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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Andrea Mi.

Do coupons influence my purchasing decisions? I personally feel that they do. I love using coupons for large purchases. Purchases that exceed a hundred dollars deem worthy of a coupon in my eyes. If I am planning on purchasing something, I will be more likely to purchase it if I have a coupon to go along with it. Even if I am still spending a good deal of money, a coupon justifies my purchase in a way.

For example, earlier this year I had wanted to purchase a television for quite some time. I had done my research and knew exactly what kind of television I wanted to go with and how much it should cost me. I hadn’t made the commitment of purchasing the television just yet. My delay in making the purchase did not come from lack of funds to make the purchase. In fact, I hesitated to make the purchase because I thought that maybe one of the retailers I was considering would have a coupon at some point and I wanted to wait until then.

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I ended up finding a coupon for the television I wanted and decided to make the purchase that same day. In reality, I only saved fifty dollars which was not a huge percentage of my entire purchase, but was enough for me to feel as if I was getting a deal out of it. I was going to buy the television regardless of whether or not I had the coupon in my hands or not, but having the coupon helped me decide which retailer to go with.

I also really like using coupons for experiences. Coupons for massages, or trips, or anything like that is really fun for me. There are times when I want to experience something new but am not sure what to do. In these instances I often find myself going online and seeing what kind of coupons for activities are available in the area. This is a great way for me to get ideas for new things to do without feeling guilty about spending a lot of money.

For example, last weekend I was sitting at home with my boyfriend and we were trying to decide what to do that weekend. We had no plans and wanted to do something together. We went online and found an awesome two for one sky diving deal. Neither of us had ever been sky diving before and we both decided to take advantage of the deal. We ended up spending over two hundred dollars on a sky diving package. On any other weekend, we would have spent double that and probably wouldn’t have been motivated to try it. Since we had that coupon available to us, we tried it and loved it!

Not only did the sky diving establishment gain money that they would not have had that weekend, but they also gained loyal customers. My boyfriend and I are planning to take all of our friends back so that we can sky dive for my birthday. This will be a sky diving trip including over ten people that will now also be paying customers. This was a good move from the company’s perspective because they now have new customers and have created a more organic form of publicity. My boyfriend and I will continue to talk about our experience to others and the ten people we bring with us on my birthday will do the same. That is a lot of word of mouth advertising that stemmed from a simple coupon!

All in all, I think that coupons are a great way to attract new business and to help consumers chose the retailer’s services versus other retailer’s services in the market. The amount of money that a consumer would save from that one coupon would be made up by intangible value and sometimes even monetary value in the long run. Coupons are definitely the way to go!

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