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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Andrea M.

Pennies add up just like dollars do so of course coupons influence my purchases. If I am able to save only eighty cents then that means I have eighty more cents in my pocket that I could’ve spent. In the world we live in today it seems unrealistic to not use coupons when shopping. The price for living is constantly increasing and becoming a burden on families. Coupons are what help keep stomachs full, backs clothed and a roof over people heads. Coupons will always influence my shopping because my end goal in life is to be able to save as much money as possible for when I really need it.

My mother and I love coupons. No shopping gets accomplished unless we have coupons. Why? Times are hard. It is hard to pay bills, go to school and even eat. Saving money is no longer something we try to do it is a lifestyle. We have to save as much money as possible in order to survive. For years I have watched my mother become coupon savvy. Every weekend she would clip out coupons from the Sunday paper and go online to the websites of the stores we frequently shop at and print out the coupons they offered. Whenever we received a receipt that had a coupon attached she would add that coupon too the bunch. She learned how to use which coupon accompanied by another coupon on the right day for the best saving deal. My mother is addicted to laundry detergent. Not because she loves doing laundry but because there are always great coupon deals on laundry detergent. We have not had to buy a bottle of laundry detergent in two months. This is all due to wonderful coupons and the ability to use coupons correctly.

Coupons allow buyers an opportunity to save money not only by shaving off a portion of the cost of an item but they give buyers a chance to purchase an item in bulk. I often times use Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner. A lot of times Garnier will glue a coupon on the back part of their shampoo bottle; with the coupon if you buy both the shampoo and conditioner you’re able to either get another set of shampoo and conditioner for $2 off, or a free miniature bottle of flat ironing mist. This is one of my favorite joys about receiving a coupon! The coupon is trying to help you save by giving you more for your dollar. I go through coupons that will say buy two get three free or by four get five free. The coupons that I get from Garnier can also be used with the Target or Walmart dollar off coupon. So by the end of my transactions I walk away with four bottles of shampoo and conditioner and I only paid for one.  Not only do I save money but I am given more than what I bargained for. This is exactly why coupons guide my shopping. Coupons help me save money and get more than I need so I do not have to make another trip to the store.

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My mother taught me how to manage my money through coupons. I learned when to buy pop tarts, pens and laundry soap while in college because my mom showed me the power of the coupon. Before doing any kind of shopping –grocery, or personal items, I make a list of everything that I need or want to buy. After I have completed writing my list I look online and through the weekly paper at the coupons that are available to me. I see which ones will be useful for my shopping trip and save the ones I know I will need for later. When my friends walk out with receipts for thirty or forty dollars I am the only one with a receipt for under twenty dollars. I never shop without my coupons. Once my friends noticed how I was saving so much money because I use coupons effectively they asked me if I could start finding coupons for them! They know that struggling college students need to save as much money as possible and if people are just throwing coupons around for you to use the world needs to take advantage.

Coupons are life savers. They have allowed me to never need more than I should have. That is exactly why coupons decide my shopping. If I don’t have a coupon I don’t go shopping because I know sooner or later a coupon will become available for exactly what I need. I am thankful for coupons and what they do for not only me but families across the world. Coupons have helped ensure bills get paid, mouths get fed and me being able to sit in a classroom every day. I will never part from coupons.

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