If you ask me I think coupons make a big influence in what I buy, and what other people buy as well. Coupons are life changing, you can go to the store and save money. This way you can buy more stuff. I think it’s mostly a marketing strategy, but none the less it’s a good one. I’ll gladly fall for it any day as long as I get what I need for a low-low price. There’s even a show about couponing. These ladies save so much money by using coupons, they too also agree that couponing is life chaining. They gather a bunch of coupons and buy groceries for as little as ten dollar, sometimes even less! They say couponing is good because they save money on groceries, and the money they would have used on groceries they use it on some other things. Such as family outings and other items they could not afford. It’s really interesting.

Now, I many not be as extreme as these woman, but I do like my coupons. Especially if they if they are clothing coupons. Who ever said looking good cannot be cheap, or at a reasonable price, but as you can probably concur I am quite the poor college student. Therefore coupons are my best friends. But I didn’t always like coupons, actually I kind of hated them when I was little. You see my family immigrated from Mexico, so when we came to the U.S. we were really poor. We used to get free clothes from the Salvation Army, (I used to get a lot of boy clothes). As time went on my parents started to succeed in the U.S., or at least keep a stable pay check, and so we started buying clothing. We usually bought clothes with coupons, I hated it. I don’t know why, but it probably had to do with something along the lines of feeling like charity. I didn’t want people to pity my parents for being poor! I hated it so much I started hiding the magazines from my mom.

It wasn’t till I got to fourth grade when we moved to a different state that I realized, coupons can save us so much money! We started to afford more things, I was able to join a sport because my parent could afford it. I got better for us and I was happy, it made me willing to throw away my pride and be happy with what I can get for low prices. As time went on and I started to grow, pay stuff with my own money, I started to love coupons. They made everything to much cheaper or I could be able to get more items for the price of one. It was and it amazing the power coupons have. I remember this one time I was buying 70 dollar worth of clothes, to be honest I was about to cry, but they were all so cute! I ended up paying 30 dollar because I used all the coupons they store would offer. I was so happy and so relived! Not only did I get to buy all the cute clothes, but I saved 40 dollars on it all! It was as if god sent an angel in the shape of little small paper with bar codes in them. I also like then things read “free”, like buy one get one free or buy 2 get the next gone free. Oh! There was this one deal at this one store, buy one full price pair of shoes and get the next two pairs free. That deal gave me the chills, too bad I didn’t have 200 dollars on me, but none the less it was an amazing deal! I would have spent my money I a heartbeat! As you can probably tell coupons make a really big influence in my shopping.

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