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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Ana B.

“A man in love is like a clipped coupon-it’s time to cash in.” I love this quote by Mae West, and completely agree. When I find a coupon I am more inclined to “cash in.” Having a coupon gives me the motivation to go to a store and be determined to buy something. When coming to the question do coupons influence my purchasing decision, it’s a complete yes. Receiving a coupon for a store I regularly shop at or even have only shopped at once gives me motivation to check what they have in stock, and see if anything I like is applicable to the coupon.

When most people think of coupons they think of in store shopping. Going to a Walmart for instance, and saving 50.00 on mass purchases. In my opinion though coupons for grocery stores are hard to use. Most of the time they give coupons for items that aren’t very popular or items they need to get rid of. Being a vegetarian and an active whole foods market consumer, using coupons for grocery shopping is highly unlikely for me. Many health stores don’t provide the opportunity for consumers to use coupons. We’re not the only ones that run into this problem though. The average shopper in my opinion would be more likely to use coupons at a grocery store, but in my personal situation I would be more likely to use a coupon at a clothing store. The reason for this would be because it is not my responsibility as a teenager to buy groceries. I do however buy clothing frequently, and am always looking for deals. When I run into a coupon for clothing stores I frequently shop at, it greatly influences my purchases. Although when I do happen to buy clothing it’s mostly online, because being a teenager I have every store in the world on my laptop screen.

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Being a 21st century teenager, online shopping is a part of everyday life. Checking weekly on new trends in my favorite store and checking my email for new coupons is my daily routine. Receiving a coupon is almost an assured decision I’ll get something. Not only this, but coupons incline me to buying more. At times when I do purchase things online, I might get a coupon that says 20% off a regular priced item, I’d pick my item and at checkout feel the need to buy something else because I’ve already saved “so why not add on to the pile?” Something I do more often than that is follow through with their shipping promotions. I might only need thirty five dollars worth of merchandise but if there is free shipping with fifty dollars’ worth of merchandise, I am willing to spend the extra fifteen on other items.

While online shopping provides incentive for me to spend more money, I am not always able to use it. About fifty percent of the coupons I do have are for in-store shopping only. Which is unfortunate, because most of the time they do not get used. I do shop in stores regularly but never use coupons in-store. I am most likely to forget them; in addition to this, the in-store stock is much different than the online stock which usually has more options for the consumer. In my personal opinion online coupons are more effective for the 21st century.

When coming to the question do coupons influence my purchasing decision, they do. Coupons create a stronger drive within me to go out and purchase something. Being a coupon advocate, I relish the chance to get deals on merchandise that I would most likely be buying at one point or another. Being a full time unemployed student, coupons give me the opportunity to obtain more merchandise with the same amount of money. In a struggling economy like ours coupons should be more available to consumers like me, because it affects and influences my purchasing decision with a cheaper option.

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