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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Amy W.

Coupons influence where I shop and what I purchase tremendously. I wait for yearly sales, seasonal sales and weekly sales but the coupon sales are the best! I have pride when I see how much cold hard cash I have saved printed on the bottom of my receipt after a day of shopping. I brag about my savings and my friends say that I may be the most penny saving-savvy person they know, and I agree.

When I was younger I got introduced to “member savings” such as local department stores and grocery stores, this came with great savings and extra member savings coupons. I would save money I had earned all summer and use the back to school coupons to go shopping, I would save hundreds of dollars and look amazing! I have always been the one that knew where the sales were on the weekends and remain the contact person for the questions on where to go for certain items.

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After I had my son I became even more aware of coupons-free coupons printed off the Internet and coupons in the Sunday paper. I have always had a budget and have always been aware of how much I saved on a purchase, paying full price for something is disappointing to me.

I take pride in using coupons at the register! I have always thought that using coupons was the smart thing to do. Why in the world would anyone pay full price for an item if they really didn’t have to?

I think that couponing can be an obsessive addiction, hence Extreme Couponing. But when done correct and in moderation for items that your family uses every day, coupons are the best. Couponing has been become a necessity for most families recently. Saving money for your family’s future is worth the time it takes to research product websites and other free coupon sites for printable coupons. I receive coupons in my email from several companies and stores on a weekly basis. I plan my meals for the week based on what coupons I find, and if I want something specific there is always a chance that there is a coupon online, a person just has to be willing to put in the time and effort to find it. I also want to ad that many people are brand loyal or store loyal, which I am to an extent, however, I love trying new things and having a coupon to try something new is like a reward especially when you saved money on the item. Going to multiple stores is also fun, new super markets, new online stores and it helps with having more experiences not only for shopping put also for family adventures. I have used the soda cans that have saved me a great deal of cash to got to the Six Flags Great America adventure park in the past and have used tokens and coupons for most of my son’s birthday parties and summer activities with great pride. I have honestly just went shopping this past weekend and saved a whopping $150.00 off of several new work outfits, it feels amazing to have nice things for half the cost.

I have recently signed up for mobile coupons sent directly to my smartphone, this changes my mind completely on what I am going to purchase when I arrive at the store especially the grocery stores. I will drive an extra 5 miles to the next town if I have a guaranteed $20 of savings on my grocery list. I think the key is to plan, research, be open to change the plan and go with what saves you the most money in the end. I also have been receiving Facebook coupons or offers stating that if I go to a store and mention the post I can save money on meals, and much more. Social Media has become a big part of marketing especially for sales, since I usually know when the sales are and get alerts from many stores on my Facebook feed, I do share this with my friends via my Facebook page. I think that couponing has become the trendy thing to do but even when it is no longer considered trendy, you will find me using my coupons and saving my money any day of the week.

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