On the random occasion where I scrape together an extra few dollars to treat myself, I often find myself thinking the best way to spend such sparse funds. I have several proverbial devil and angel fighting to get their two-cents in on the subject. The little devil loves to remind me I have a credit card that can be used at my heart’s desire to purchase, whatever it happens to be, that I find enthralling at that fleeting second. Or even on a reasonable day he decides to stays within my budgeted bounds and finds one thing to fixate on and to hell with anything else that might prove to be a better buy.  The angel is a much more logical being and seeks to find the most reasonable use for any surplus funds. This is where coupons come into this daunting decision.

Being a cashier at a large grocery chain, there are no words that can appropriately express the extreme hatred that has been instilled in me for the use of coupons. Nothing ruins a mind numbing shift than to have the middle age woman with her four inch binder stuffed to the brim with coupons and grocery basket stuffed to the brim and each item has its very own coupon. The last thing I want to see, touch, or even mention is a coupon. That is when my little annoying angel pokes her head out and places the thought out for contemplation, I cringe. Being a college student it has become inevitable and I have had to slowly begin the coping process and begin at times to look for a coupon on at least the basic toiletries and daily nonsense to save as much as I deem practical. I won’t buy something I don’t like just because I can save fifty cents, the thought that people do this I just find wasteful.

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I am sensitive to scents so I have brands I stick to because I know the fragrance doesn’t give me migraines or send me into a massive allergy attack. If there is a coupon for my comfort zone I’ll go ahead and use it no problem; anything beyond that I scrutinize it and if I feel there is not an overbearing scent I will invest in it once, but only if there is a compelling offer to make me stray from my path. This usually ends in disaster but I find myself doing this on a sparingly sporadic basis.

The majority of coupons I use are generated from my employer and sent through the mail, as well as coupons that can be easily loaded onto my rewards card, a phenom only in select states mainly in the central U.S., but convenient for those who can’t keep track of the microscopic pieces of paper that tend to come in the Sunday papers. The food coupons are typically not what I buy but I do get some, and they are mainly what I use. This influences me more than anything, being that food and drink are necessary to function the spending of money here is where I get to splurge and buy something I will if I convince myself that it is worth it because of some blasted coupon I managed to find. The tactic is a bit silly to me to spend $3 to save $0.50, but there are several that do and I managed to join this group.

A note from us at I’m In:  We can help you save on food and restaurants at I’m In!

I do not as I like to say “hard core” coupon, though I have had customers try to convert me, but when I have downtime I browse the online catalog of coupons I have to choose from. If I remember when I’m shopping that something I can grab has a coupon I will grab it, but I definitely don’t plan an entire trip around a sale and the coupons that can go with it. Coupons are a tool, and they are only useful in certain circumstances. You don’t use a screwdriver instead of a hammer when nailing things; therefore I don’t use coupons unless it is something I would regularly spend my money on.