In this day of age, coupons are used to give the shoppers ability to save some money or get more for their money. Some coupons may be helpful, but others may be completely unnecessary. Numerous people could quite possibly go “haywire” when having the ability to use all types and varieties of coupons. It basically is just to boast about saving a little extra money.

For example, a coupon shopper could be using all of the coupons he/she can.  There could be a coupon for cat food; however, the shopper does not even own a cat. In reality, it just influences the shopper to spend more money in the long-run. One could believe that a handful of coupons could get you extra items while saving money. Most of the time, coupons do not even have a real discount.  In my opinion, they are basically playing games with your mind.

On another note, coupons could help to save a little extra cash here and there. One would just have to learn how to bargain shop and budget their money, as to where he/she is actually saving. A stopping point is when you begin to buy completely unreasonable items. That is when you would begin to actually spend more than when you had the coupons.

In my opinion, I prefer to buy cheaper brands of food items than having name brand. If I am shopping at Wal-Mart, I could not care less if my green beans are Great Value rather than Green Giant. But if a shopper does not even eat green beans but has a “buy one, get one free” coupon, he/she will be sure to get the one can free. The thing is, the person would still have to buy one can.

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One might disagree with me, but it is just my opinion. I would rather not use a wide variety of coupons while going shopping. I go for what I need and will maybe feel a little extra lucky and find a coupon for an item on my shopping list. I would not just go buy it because there is a discount on it or you could get one free. As of right now, I am attempting to budget my money because of the job I have. Therefore, I get what I need in Wal-Mart and leave.

Sometimes, though, I do use coupons. If there is something on my shopping list that I need and I have a coupon for, I would most definitely use it to my advantage. Coupons tend to help people get more for what they are paying for. It’s kind of like a discount, depending on what the coupon has to offer.

I know many people are different and every body’s opinion varies, but that is just the beauty of having coupons, discounts and a broad variety of offers that numerous stores have. With many coupons, one would have to know how to not go overboard. For example, why would you buy dog food when you only have cats? In that sense, people would think that they are getting free items and such, but they would only, in reality, spend more than what they technically went shopping for.

Instead of one using the coupons they considerably do not need, he/she could give them to a friend or family member. Coupons could be beneficial, but they could also be harmful. If one knows the “nooks and crannies” of spending while using coupons, they could actually save some money before walking out of the store. All in all, be sure to know what is being bought and ask oneself if it is truly needed or will be used.