I always need to buy something whether it is food, clothing, home décor, pet food, or anything else I need. Even though I have to buy these things doesn’t mean I want to. I hate spending money on this stuff; I hate spending money in general. So when I find coupons I defiantly use them, it helps me get what I want for cheaper then what I would have to originally pay. Coupons defiantly influence my spending decisions. I spend and shop more when I have more coupons because I know I’m getting more then I would have originally got with the money I spend.

When I go into a store and they have free coupons sitting out for a buy one get one free, or a 50% off I am more likely to buy more their then I would have in the beginning. Without coupons I would probably spend 100 dollars more then I would have without them. Coupons change everything. Have you ever seen the shows where the girl or a guy will go in with a stack of coupons, a cart full of food, and only spend like 50 dollars? Who would not want to do that? You are getting more for less.

Shopping for clothing is so expensive; the only good thing about it is most stores ask for your email so they can send you coupons. They do this so we will want to come back and shop their more. Be honest if someone gives you a coupon for 30 dollars off your next 70 dollar or more purchase you are defiantly going to go back to that store and are going to spend at the least 70 dollars right? I know I would. Coupons bring you into more stores and have a huge impact on your purchases.

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I love to download apps on my phone that give me free coupons. No matter where I go I can search for coupons for that store and use them to spend less money. Everyone loves spending less money, because the less money you spend the more money that stays in your pocket. Even fast food restaurants have coupons; you can not eat for less. Most people spend a lot of money eating out well you can spend less money and still eat out when using coupons.

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The dilemma I always here about coupons is “I can not find coupons, I do not know where to look” or “I do not want my friends to think I am poor being I am using coupons at a store.” Well not everyone that uses coupons is poor. Coupons just help you spend less and buy more. All they are is a crutch. Even if you did make a lot of money you do not want to spend it all in one shot you want to save some of the money you just earned. You can do that with coupons you can save your money and get the things you need. It do not matter what other people think, because they probably use them too and if they don they may be suffering from money issues and are just to “proud” to use them like everyday Americans. Do not be scared to use coupons, I use them, they help you buy more for less.

Over all coupons are probably one of the best inventions made since prices have gone up on everything we need to buy these days. Coupons help me get what I want for less and help be buy more. I can defiantly say coupons are a big influence on what I buy and how much I buy. Without them I probably wouldn’t buy so many things, or I wouldn’t have as much money as I do because there are things you need in life that are expensive and have to pay for, but with coupons it makes life a little easier.