“Do coupons influence your purchasing decisions… Why, or why not?”

Coupons are the world’s money saving opportunity, they are offered everywhere: the mailbox, the newspaper, online and even the product itself. A lot of American’s ignore the opportunity that coupons offer them, but there are some of us who value coupons. When I was younger, I would help my aunt cut out her hundreds of coupons, but it wasn’t until I reached 16 years old, that I understood the value of a coupon. I was 16 years old when I got my first job working at a grocery store as a cashier. There was never a day that went by, without a coupon savvy customer. As a cashier, I serve a diverse population of customers, one of which carried a coupon book. Every time I gathered her groceries and counted up her total, she would have me scanning at least ten coupons each time. One day, I decided to ask her why she even bothered using coupons. The women looked me in my large, dark brown eyes and told said “they’re like little tickets that give you money, or free stuff. I’ve saved about $100 a year.” As I continued scanning the coupons, I thought about the amount of money that I allowed myself to throw away, every time I tossed a coupon in the trash. Later, I took the time out to go through all the newspapers my mom had collected from the week and browsed for coupons. Since that day, I began using coupons. There are two sides of using coupons, the bright side, and the down side. On the bright side, coupons offer you discounts, free items, and most of all, money in your pocket. However, on the down side, coupons limit your spending, or sometimes require you to spend more than you intend, in order to receive the discount at a later date. In the end, coupons do influence my purchasing decisions. Coupons expose me to new items, as well as save money on items I use daily. Prior to shopping, I scope out coupons for the items that I need and use the most, but I also scope out possible items that I had no idea of, prior to seeing it advertised on the coupon. However, while I appreciate the existence of coupons, I do not allow them to hinder my decisions when shopping. For example: if I am shopping for a particular item, I won’t allow the presence or absence of a coupon to change whether or not I will purchase the item. That being said, yes, coupons do influence my shopping. In the end, coupons are another source of free money provided to those in need by higher authority, and maybe even the government. Coupons are in a way, like mini scholarships that either handle the entire cost of the item we desire to obtain, or assist us in obtaining the object we desire.

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