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I'm in Coupons Scholarship 2014. Entry-Alexsis S.

Do coupons influence your purchasing decision….why, or why not

There is no better way to save than with coupons. Coupons have become a shopper’s best friend with the way the economy is going up one day then down the next. Coupons can give a person the extra savings he or she needs to get to the next pay day. I was introduced to using my coupons when my mother became sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis and she was not able to work. We did not have a lot of money to spend on groceries. So one day while we were sitting at home, my mother asked me to go to the corner store to pick her up the local newspaper. I did as I was told but when I got back home I asked my mother why she needed the newspaper when we normally watch the news on the television every day, she responded with she needed the coupons out of the newspaper to help stretch her money. That afternoon I sat with my mother and cut out coupons and compared prices from different stores. When we went shopping the following day I saw firsthand just how much you can save by using the coupons. The first day we utilized the coupons we saved over fifty percent, I could not believe my eyes! Each time my mother handed the cashier a coupon the price went down, down and down. For example there was a coupon for two dollars off on two boxes of cereal, when we got to the store the cereal was on sale three boxes for five dollars and then we had the coupon for two dollars off. We got three boxes of cereal for three dollars and this was brand name cereal. At that point I realized coupons were the way to go for several reasons. The first reason you ultimately feel good to not spend every dollar you have in the grocery store. The second reason is coupons can give you a sense of being in charge of how much money you want to spend when you are in the grocery store. The third reason is coupons gives you a chance to try some products you might not have considered if you did not have a coupon for that product. The fourth reason is it will allow you to stock up on some of the products whether they are on sale or not. Even though it might take some time to cut out coupons and organize them in different categories, believe me it is worth the effort. When you walk out the store with extra money that you thought you were going to spend you will never turn back. Coupons will always be in hand when walking into the store. I know I will take what I have learned from my mother to college. As a college student you do not have a lot of money to spend on groceries, so what better way to save then to grab a local paper and cut out the coupons. This way I will always have money in my pocket and food in my dorm room to last me while I am away at college. I will also teach my roommates what I have learned about using coupons and we can all save money during our college years. If someone ask me why I take so much time to cut out coupons and then take time to walk down each aisle in the store to find the product, my answer would be to not knock it until you try it. After our giggles, I would take the time to explain how much I have saved over the years by couponing. So the next time you want to save, grab a newspaper, start cutting, and then enjoy the money you saved. You will be very surprised and you will never turn back to not using coupons.

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