Coupons do have an impact on my shopping decisions in many ways. One of the primary ways is do to my budget. Coupons help me stay within my budgets. For example, having a baby at home can help save money for their necessities. However, sometimes there are reasons when using coupons convenient. These reasons are time, forgetting about them, and lack of resources. Time as in time to search, sort, and organize. Forgetting to bring them is a challenge because life gets hectic. What I mean by lack of sources is no internet connections, no service available, and lack of printing them. At times, there are additional challenges with using coupons. For example, if you use a certain name brand the coupons won’t make the item less valuable, also many stores limit the amount of coupons you can use and the money you can get off the items. All of these reasons impact my decisions to use coupons. However, ultimately coupons do impact my decision to purchase a specific product. Coupons reduce the price of a specific brand name. For example, if there’s a specific brand you may use for that product that the coupon is offering but the brand on the coupon will only redeem with that brand, it may influence a customer on a budget to go with the brand the coupon offers. In conclusion , these are the many ways coupons can impact my shopping decisions.

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