Do coupons influence my purchasing discussions? There are many factors that play a role in whether I will purchase something or not with a coupon.   Factors could be; is the expiration date, what needs to be purchased; do I need to buy two of such item, do I need that product, do I have the funds to make that purchase, does the company offer a free product promotion with a purchase? The main factor I believe that has had the most influence on my buying decisions is what I have learned or observed in my mother’s actions when dealing with the above factors.   She loves coupons and wants to get the best deal.  My mother has instilled in me that no one should have to pay full price for any item unless it absolutely necessary.  It’s a rare occurrence to pay full price.

I may be torn on whether to buy something I really want for example the new make-up by Locac unless I can find a coupon.  One thing that may swing my decision is if I had a gift card.  But then again, I want to always stretch my dollar more if I find that special coupon.  I do use a few apps on my phone that I will look for that coupon when I am shopping at the mall.   But at the same time, the final deciding factor will be, do I have to have that disposable income available to me?  Fortunately I have extra cash but I do spend it wisely.

Expiration dates on coupons, I hate!  It almost never fail that my mom or I go through her coupon folder and that item I want or need has since expired. Chances are we will not be purchasing that item unless it’s absolutely a necessity.   I think that companies should seriously consider extending the expiration date more than two to four weeks.  Please let me tell you my mom is by no means an extreme couponer.     If we clip a coupon for a hair product like hair dye or shampoo for example do we make that purchase the next time we are at the store?  Many times not and they we finally pull it out only to see it has since expired. Ugh!!

Shopping online is something I will do at times.   But I will look for that 15-30% coupon and even that free shipping code.  Yes those types of coupons do tend to pull me in to purchase more.  I believe this is also because I have been taught to shop this way.  When shopping in a department store, I will check my app to see what coupons are being offered.  If there is one for example $10 off a $25 purchase I will be more likely to purchase from that store over one that does not offer a similar coupon.  Using coupons on sale merchandise is a win win situation.  I get the outfit I want along with a few additional accessories.  My biggest downfall is Victoria Secret coupons.  They always send you those coupons for free merchandise, or make that $75 purchase and get a free item.  More times than not I will use that coupon so save some money.

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The major deciding factor that does and will always influence my purchasing decision is whether I have the funds for such item.  My parents have taught me that, first that one must either have the money right now to make that purchase or if it is being charged you must be able to pay that credit card bill in full when it arrives in the mail.  If the answer is no, then I do not make that purchase. An item you may want is not worth having debt.  If I have the funds, I then ask myself, do I really need or want the item in question?  If the answer is yes and I have a coupon, well then that’s even a better transact