Coupons occasionally influence my buying. When I go into stores, most often than not, I pick up one of the magazines to see what is on sale that day. Upon receiving coupons in the mail, if my mother hasn’t seen them, the coupons for local restaurants usually catch my eye. Coupons might make me choose a new soup I hadn’t tried before or to get a little creative with my dinner ideas considering I am living on a college student’s budget. When coupons give me the chance to expand my dining options I choose to use them. I wouldn’t consider myself active when it comes to looking for coupons, but upon finding one that really suits what I want to do or provides me with a new opportunity, I take it. I feel coupons would do a much better job of catching the eye of the average consumer if the ads didn’t look so much like junk mail. The other thing that I want changed about coupons is the placement of the expiration date and information about where it is eligible to be used. Many coupons don’t have clear guidelines pertaining to what stores will accept them and when they might expire. I’ve seen plenty of upset shoppers bring in a fine coupon and couldn’t use it due an unread line of expiration or unclear places of use. I’ve experienced it quite a few times while out to eat. If it were better advertised when it expires and where it can be used, coupons would be much more popular. In any case, as the occasional coupon user, I think they work well, even with their drawbacks. They are particularly useful on my student budget, and I will continue to use them in the future.

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